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We need Private Lobby's in Heat

by pascal_w_94

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We need Private Lobby's in Heat

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In Payback there wasn't private Lobby's and every time I wanted to chill with my friends and make stance meets some crash kids crashed into our cars.


In Heat there are 16 man Lobbys so there could be more crash kids! 


Please make private Lobby's or other outer my friend list invisible.


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Re: We need Private Lobby's in Heat

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@pascal_w_94 Can't agree more. 

I have already created a topic on this regard.


There is a petition already started as well. One developer said that if we keep asking for that "feature" they might implement it, so we got to make attention for this!


You can find the details following that link. 




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Re: We need Private Lobby's in Heat

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@pascal_w_94 I agree on this, if they are gonna continue this open world trend thing, atleast they should allow private lobbys. Just take the Crew games, even there you cant have private sessions. But you can in the Forza Horizon games atleast 3 and 4, and they should allow a pursuit mode in MP too. Mayby then i will buy the game, if not i will not.
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Re: We need Private Lobby's in Heat

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@BVBgamer88 I know right? How am I supposed to keep the motivation up for this game up if I can't play with my friends? After a while it gets monotonous. 

I still keep playing NFS HP 2010 cuz there are private lobbies and I constantly make use of that. 


Please add this feature!

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