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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

by mistincat

Original Post

Ways that BFN improves on GW2

★★★ Novice

While it's super important to highlight bugs and gameplay issues while BFN is in early release, let’s take a moment to applaud the ways that BFN improves on its predecessor Standard smile

Here are a few innovations that I appreciate:

No more stickers
Thank goodness we don't need to madly dash to the sticker store between matches anymore, racing to buy stickers before the timer counts down to 15 seconds (why 15 seconds? WHY?). Or grinding out stickers at the vending machine. It was downright tedious.


No more B button confusion

So this might be an Xbox-only thing, but in GW2 the controller's B button, which is usually used to cancel an action, was also used to confirm an action or interact with an object. Want to respawn in PvP? Press B. Quit a match? Press B. Build a bot? Press B. The new button mapping is more consistent: A to confirm. B to cancel. X to interact.


Matches start quicker
The wait time between PvP matches has gotten faster with each iteration of the game (I think), but BFN is the first game that I don't feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs between matches.


Objective master
Finally, players who do their job and work the objectives in Turf Takeover are celebrated on the podium. It was unfair that in previous games a player might singlehandedly capture a bases or win an end game and go unacknowledged.

Comprehensive scoreboard
By showing a wide range of stats, the new scoreboard doesn't make vanquishes the be-all end-all.

I was initially feeling iffy about BFN, until my son and I played PvE. So good.

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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2


 No more detonation characters!  Abuse of some characters/variants all but ruined GW2.

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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

★ Apprentice

I may be in the minority but I like the sticker shop.  I liked being able to decide if I wanted to buy stickers for my plants or zombies.  I also liked knowing that with most every sticker pack I was going to get some fluff items, but also you were going to get at least one piece of an outfit.  Now I spend 30k tokens and a lot of times get emotes or those fluff items and no outfit pieces.  I agree with you on your other points.  I do wish we had the mission board back.  Again maybe in the minority, but I enjoyed doing missions and increasing my xp multiplier.  I would rather have that back than having to use 3 of my perk points towards leveling.  

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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

[ Edited ]
★★★ Novice

@CottonTopWKUI'm not sure what the general opinion of stickers is, so it may be me that's in the minority! I don't really care about outfits (again, probably in the minority!), and I got tired of shovelling coins into the vending machine to buy bots/zombies/weeds/pot plants. Though come to think of it, I did like discovering parts of variants in sticker packs. Variants R.I.P.

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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

★★★★ Guide
All good points in original post. I'd happily keep the summonables as they are (though maybe with more choice), as buying the packs for those & ending up with 2000 bonk choys that you're never going to use got annoying, but I WOULD love a selection of differently priced options for the emotes & hats etc. And I did like being able to see how many customisations there were & which I had.
I also miss the old way of increasing xp. You don't have many slots for your upgrades as it is & SENSIBLE challenges are fun 😂
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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

★★★★ Apprentice

I guess the graphics are nicer..

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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

★ Pro

I largely agree. There are still a lot of issues that need to be worked out in BfN, but there's a lot of good things here too.


I'm mixed on sticker packs but really don't lament their removal much. It feels weird to spend 30k coins on one thing, but not getting challenge stars when max level (GW1), or tons of self-revives and team retries I don't need (both GW games), as well as those of us that played the game a lot had hundreds, even thousands, of the higher quality summonables from buying so many packs, are all good things. I actually like the timer for the summonables over getting tons of them in packs instead. I'd like to see more variety in those summonables though.


Not sure on the buttons, I've changed the new defaults on PC to match the old ones. I especially want my 3 abilities to be 1, 2, 3 again as my Razer Naga mouse has the 12 thumb buttons that represent 1-0, -, and = so I want to be able to use those. I just want to be able to destroy my drone like we had in GW1 and 2, if we can in BfN, I can't find the button, 'E' isn't working so can't quickly get out of driving it when I need too!


I do like less down time between matches. With no need to break for a sticker shop, we can get away with the shorter lead time. 


Objective master is a good addition. They need to go further with this idea though. Healers and other support abilities need more xp to more greatly incentivize those playstyles. This extends to the post match stats too; it is better than either GW game for those that don't just farm vanquishes, but could go further.


The PvE here is so good. The free roam areas are the jewels of the BfN crown. A few aspects could use some tweaking like the battle chests and bounties, but love them so much.



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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

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★★ Apprentice

@Iron_Guard8That’s weird, on the PS4 I could cancel the drone by just pressing the usual cancel button.

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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

★ Pro

@arit0824 wrote:

@Iron_Guard8That’s weird, on the PS4 I could cancel the drone by just pressing the usual cancel button.

It is weird indeed! I just hit 'E' in GW 1 and 2 but it's not working here and got me vanquished once when I couldn't get rid of the drone to get away from an incoming zombie. May have to do another overview of the commands, I may just have changed a setting and messed it up.

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Re: Ways that BFN improves on GW2

★★★★★ Novice

Bfn pve is better gw2 pvp is better. That's about it. 

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