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Re: Ways To Improve Respawning

by Jimmahwd

Original Post

Ways To Improve Respawning

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Respawn feature is really unique and helps teamplay a lot, but I feel it's losing its value because of early quitters and the increasing chances of getting ambushed. Below are some suggestions that might help it.


  •  When losing both of your teammates (respawn timed out or player quit), by grabbing one or both of their banners and taking them to a respawn point,  a ship could drop you a survival kit in return, that would consist of one of more of the following:
    • one gold weapon;
    • a phoenix kit;
    • gold backpack;
    • a unique health buffer syringe (150-200% health);
    • a special inventory expander that gives you room for a third weapon;
    • a unique ability device that allows you to use one or both their ultimates one time.
  • A special, one time use device can be added to the current loot, that would save your dead teammate's death box after being applied for 5-10 seconds. The box would disappear afterwards and, on respawn, your teammate would come back geared with that was in the death box. This way, you could pass him armor, health kits, ammo, grenades, etc., maybe even sacrificing yourself to give the other 2 players a good chance for winning.
  • Respawning teammates could be valued more than kills and getting respawned could matter more than not dying, especially if your squad wins.. Maybe showing teammates revived / respawned count near the kill counter could emphasize its importance.
  • A new legend could hack the respawn points to drop dummies, luring enemy squads into an ambush.
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Re: Ways To Improve Respawning

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@DoYaSeeMe, fun post, tho I see nothing but suggestions, at least I think so, that should not be implemented. First to correct you, respawning isn't unique (anymore) since fortnite has it too now. So it's rare/uncommon, the concept of respawning in a BR is unique tho.

So the gold weapon, golden backpack, inventory expander are not-so good ideas. The idea behind respawning is that it is in itself a reward for yourself; you have a bigger fighting chance to win. I think it'd be weird to have another incentive to respawning teammates. Next to that, the options above just scream bad news in the form of: abusing the system for (personal) gain, more bugs and the thing you clearly wanna avoid; even more enemies near you when you revive. The last one (unique ability for ultimate/tactical can already be used by some legends.

The emphasize point I can get behind tho. A legend who drops dummies is a fun idea, but also troll-worthy. I can imagine ppl just trolling others and racing towards as much beacons with an inventory filled with ultimate accelerants and just respawning dummies. Nonetheless fun idea.

I think you do want a more incentivised reason for risking your life to save others, but in doing so you actually suggested reasons why even more ppl will linger around those things.

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Re: Ways To Improve Respawning

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@DoYaSeeMeNice suggestions there. Keep up the good work!


Perhaps some of your ideas could be the basis of a new class of Legend called Engineer. These types of Legends might be able to change the way some devices and machines work including the respawn. An engineer could use his abilities to dismantle ziplines or to change the way a respawn worked. Now I'm thinking about it, maybe we need an Engineer who could sabotage as well as build or alter things.


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Re: Ways To Improve Respawning

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Thanks for your replies. I see respawn being used often, but I also had way too many teammates quit early, even when I took the effort to get the banners and sneak past enemies or go further away from the ring to respawn them. I also managed a lot of times to survive solo until the last 3 squads, but never drop an entire, fully geared up squad by myself. Quitters don't value respawning, kill grinders don't care about saving their teammates, sole survivors have very little hope to win or even get another kill in the match.


I'm thinking that a survivor kit could encourage the solo player to push rather than hide or quit. The health booster syringe and the inventory expander are items that couldn't be taken by an enemy from your death box unless he's a sole survivor as well. the idea could be expanded to the gold weapon, to be something just for the sole survivor. that could disintegrate when he dies. 


Abusing the respawn system is not that easy, especially since the respawn beacons are one time use and not that many on the map. If you want to do many respawns, you need to put your team at risk many times. The scoring for respawn could also depend on the round when it takes place, or certain beacons could be set to give you a special bonus, depending on their positioning on the map.


Yes, an engineer class or legend could be great. I proposed a hacker legend with abilities like locking doors for a few seconds, electrifying the ziplines, planting traps that electrify or immobilize the enemy, making him sniper friendly for a few seconds Standard smile. Some of these can actually be seen in Titanfall 2, so Respawn has the code already.

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Re: Ways To Improve Respawning

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Great feedback on the respawn system! I wouldn't mind dropping down with a Mozambique or P2020 with a couple magazines just to be able to defend myself if things are heated in the area. At the same time the surviving squad member could have chosen a further spawn point that was uncontested. 

If you were rewarded with a special item for respawning the only concern I have is players killing themselves with grenades right away.


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Re: Ways To Improve Respawning

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Hmm, killing yourself or a teammate with grenades should not count, but it's tricky to determine if it was intended or an accident. It's a similar situation to someone getting a kill after hitting you one or twice, barely scratching your armor, after which you trip on your own grenade(s) or fall off the map Standard smile. It can be a formula like self (team) damage not exceeding 50-75 total and the shot that downs you to come from an enemy.





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Re: Ways To Improve Respawning

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My son came up with an idea for respawning regarding your team mates loot.

He suggested be able to carry some of the loot to the respawn point, not all say Armour a weapon and bit of ammo.


The carrier would have reduced movement speed if they decided to carry said loot. 

The amount of loot carried would determine the reduced movement etc. 

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