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Re: Wanna feel represented in the game

by EA_Darko

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Re: Wanna feel represented in the game

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Human Rev might never come, since his animations would not pair well with how the human body actually works. (Tactical animation, he literally stretches his fingers back and uses them as a slingshot.)


If they really wanted it, they could maybe make it like look based off his human body but still clearly robotic.



I'm not going to comment on the main subject of this post. I personally don't feel the need to be 100% represented, so I can't really relate. 

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Re: Wanna feel represented in the game

@MandatoryIDtag wrote:

Ethnicity really shouldn't be a factor when picking a legend, it should be how they're played. Tongue out

This ^
I play for fun, not to feel morally right. I don't see a need to always focus on the Ethnicity of the character, if he/she has a good kit, let's play him/her.

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Re: Wanna feel represented in the game

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@ArikajHrab2 characters can definitely represent a race... if one’s image of a race is that shallow... especially if the representations are taken from this game.

The way I see it, this game is too far fetched to represent any kind of race or group because 1 particular character has such a limited amount of assets to them that a glorifying generalization of them as a reflection of species is far too slim.

If this game was like the Sims, I’d be more inclined to actually believe a representation of a group seeing as there’s presets and you can make your own sim... but for this game... nahhh. There’s one kind of ‘Hawaiian’ in it. So the way to see that is Hawaiians are overweight males with oversized shirts (... wait don’t answer that one... xD)... or the ‘Icelandic’ are non-binary technological hunters who still believe everything they do is for The Allfather?

Nahhh, too specific characters to be a representation for a race, at least for me. Maybe for individuals who are ‘exactly’ like them or just want someone like them to be in a game.

What would be your truly preferred legend in detail?

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Re: Wanna feel represented in the game

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Hey all,

I'm locking this thread as it is going around in circles.

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