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Re: Volt VS R-99

by DarthValtrex

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Re: Volt VS R-99

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@Lord_Scorpion34 that's a coincidence. I really like the volt but tonight I had a few good games with the r99, and now I feel conflicted Large smile

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Re: Volt VS R-99


@OldTreeCreeper  Volts definitely got more punch if you can land your headshots. 


Asides from those of us who have had the advantage of using the r99 for such a long time, most people seem to be pretty terrible with the gun also.xD


Some of the fights I've witnessed before dropping in to 3rd have actually been hilarious.

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Re: Volt VS R-99

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Volt for me. i am a lot better with the R-99 than I used to be but if my aim is not spot on then it's game over. With the Volt if I am slightly off with the first couple of shots I have time to readjust.

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Re: Volt VS R-99

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@hayhor Luck of the draw on ammo. I usually have no issue finding energy ammo.

It's a tough battle cuz I've won & lost fights using both weapons against each other. 99 gets more ammo per mag and higher rate of fire but I'm sure the Volt has a little more punch per hit.
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Re: Volt VS R-99

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@Lord_Scorpion34Volt has less recoil and easier to control. But running out of ammo can be a major issue.

99 you won't run out of ammo, but the recoil is wicked. The volt technically has a higher DPS than the 99. But the 99 has one extra bullet. The volt is in my opinion a superior gun especially with a purple mag and if you can land a head sot or two as your spray the enemy. 

The volt also has a shorter reload time both on tactical and full reload.  If I have the energy ammo, then I go Volt other wise I pass it up.

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