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Re: Very annoying

by SethCurry

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Very annoying

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I cant have any good game when 8 out of 10 buildings I go into only have ammo and scopes med packs  .  I mean I sit there and see 3 white shields all in the same dam BIN..If season 2 don't fix this im done . Loot system needs to be where the same thing cant even sit next to the other imo.

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Re: Very annoying

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yes it can be very annoying.


The other night I went through 3 houses right out side of bunker [top level houses up the bridge] only to find nothing but ammo and back packs and shields. the last house had a Mozambique. I think eight houses is a bit of a stretch but I've been through five houses before finding any weapon, then finding something in the sixth house.


A rework of the algorithm is needed. The patched that changed the weapon drop of finding great weapons in all area's to what we have now needs to be improved a bit. What ever is causing the weapons to not appear weather it be looting all the time or a bug in the code needs to be reworked.


Even "hot zones" like market becomes very scarce some times.


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Re: Very annoying

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@Huntinwabits Don't forget the miss match of attachments because i love seeing heavy ammo attachments next to a light ammo gun ... And also the high count of pistols
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