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Re: Vassa's Arc?

by HulkBusterXLIV

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Vassa's Arc?

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Okay, so twice now I've picked up the Vassa's Arc masterwork item, and I can't figure out how to use it.  It doesn't appear in my loadout or even as something I can craft.  I checked the Challenges and it basically says to USE Vassa's Arc in order to GET the reward, which is Vassa's Arc.  What kind of sense does that make??


I've had the Lightning coil equipped for weeks now, and under that particular challenge it still says 0/35, in spite of the dozens of missions I've taken using the lightning coil.


Someone please explain this to me.

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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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You are wearing that piece of gear on GM1+ missions? Mine is counting up, but I have only been doing GM1 difficulty.
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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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Yep.  Only GM1 missions. I don't get it. I should be racking up points for that challenge like crazy. 

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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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one more note on your question: "I checked the Challenges and it basically says to USE Vassa's Arc in order to GET the reward, which is Vassa's Arc. What kind of sense does that make??"

The reward is the masterwork template to be able to make them using masterwork embers.
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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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Ah, I see.  Well either way I'm not receiving credit for my accomplishments.


I think I should report it as a bug. 

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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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I got mine working normally.
I've just equiped it in the ordance launcher slot and went on freeplay to do events. You need to finish 35 events or missions with it equipped.
If you're doing this and not getting credit I would suggest creating a new pilot and playing some lvls and then getting back to your main.
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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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Contracts and strongholds don't count as missions... for whatever reason.  So, yes, you will need to be doing freeplay events --which do seem to count as missions-- in order to get the feat challenge for using it 35 times..


To use Vassa's arc, which is actually freakin awesome for detonating combos, you just equip it and tap L1 once and it will discharge 10 times and then recharge.  Or you can tap it a second time before it deals all 10 charges to stop it early and start the recharge.  Pair it with acid launcher or flame thrower, and mobs will explode all around you.  It is also good for melting enemy shields, except for the lighting brutes and elementalists.


I have the legendary Vassa's arc, and fell in love with it as soon as I saw the combos triggering everywhere.  It also has a decent range-- much better range than voltaic dome.  But, voltaic dome has its own virtues and is a good cc and combo priming device.

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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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Yeah I like the dome more for priming but wish it had Vassa's range and 360. When I solo its vassa over dome.

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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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OK here is a trick with Vassa's Arc, if you can get your gear speed for it over 120% then it never runs out just flicks from 10 to 9. Mine is now constant.

match that with flame thrower and I can just combo everything. Put up my shield and just run around with the arc just zapping everything and on third hit explosion.

I used to run voltic dome but unlimited ark at  30 meters just owns.


Jump into a huge bunch like when a gate opens, spray all with flamer, arc fires boom massive combo all dead.


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Re: Vassa's Arc?

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I actually found out a while back that I had been salvaging the Vassa's Arc, thinking I was saving it into my loadout.  So the two times I did get Vassa's Arc, I was scrapping it, and I feel REALLY stupid about it.


Anyway, though I often get the same masterwork items over and over again, I haven't seen Vassa's Arc in weeks.  Does anyone have any advice as to what missions/strongholds/contracts I should take and what difficulty I should pick to find it again?

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