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VIP demo feedback and what could be improved (ideas included on improvements)

by warlordwolfy

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VIP demo feedback and what could be improved (ideas included on improvements)

★★★★ Novice

Now before I start to go into things I thought were good about the demo and things that I think could be worked on.  I just want to get out of the way that Ill be focusing on game play itself and not connection issues or anything of the like.  As all of us that played the VIP demo experienced the same connection issues and bugs.

I would like to start with thing I think could be better.  As I saw 3 things that stuck out to me.

1) The underwater parts of could be better.  They are better than some games I have played with underwater areas but worse than other.  The biggest improvement I think that could be made here.  Would be add in the ability to control the speed that you are going at underwater, like you do with sprinting.  There were plenty of times were I was bouncing off walls or even stuck in an area.  That if I could have controlled my speed better.  I would not have hit the walls or gotten stuck in a corner to begin with.

2) I played mainly as a storm so I dont now everything about the different elements you can use but one thing was obviously clear.  The ice abilities seem to be more powerful then the others.  Im not meaning damage wise.  As for damage lightning abilities seemed to be the way to go.  Its that ice seemed way strong than its most likely intended.  You could CC well with it along with doing a good amount of damage at the same time.  Which made taking a fire ability over the other 2 to me on the storm at least pointless.  Having to choose between fire, lightning, and ice should have a bigger effect on how you play and engage enemies.  I was able to take 2 ice abilities for 90% of the demo and never have to worry about my damage lacking.  To me the damage on ice needs scaled back some.  Not alot to were its pointless to take it but enough to make it more obvious that it is meant more for CCing targets than dealing damage.  This is also coming form some one.  That likes to play the CC style of game play.  So for me to do the damage I was.  With what I think are a CC type of ability.  It was just abnormal to me.

3) For the size of the free roam area.  It seems a waste for it to be limited to 4 people.  The area is more than big enough to support 8-16 players easily.  An by upping the amount of players in the free roam.  The amount of enemies could be scaled up also.  So there would be more skirmishes breaking out.  That way the free roam area would feel like its for more than just resource gathering to craft items.  The amount of enemies dont need scaled up to the point were your none stop fighting well trying to get resources.  Its just that it seems there are to few enemies for an area of that size.

Next I would like to go over the things I thought were really well done.  As I have 4 main points that really stuck out to me here.

1) The level of customization on the javelins was better than I thought it was.  I have been avoiding most youtube videos and twitch streams of the game that way 90ish% of the things in game would be new and fresh to me and I was amazed at the level of of customization you could do.  As someone that has played Warframe for years I was expecting something along those lines but it was better to me.

2) How you actually had to think through a fight instead of just running in and gunning everything down in the matter of seconds.  Was a extremely refreshing to me.  It has been a well since Ive played a game.  That you actually had to take your time with enemy encounters.  Not gona lie I did die a couple times before I adjusted to this welcomed change.  I hope this continues through out the game and is not just these lower levels we get to play in the demo.  As it will be nice to finally have a game that challenges you during every encounter.  Instead of just speed running everything because your over powered.  An the only way to have a challenge in the game is to limit yourself to the weakest things to have that challenge.

3) Now like I have already stated, Ive played Warframe for years now.  So using movement to my advantage is not something that is new to me but if I must say.  I perfer the way Anthem has approached it to the way it is in Warframe.  In Warframe your still mostly fighting on the ground.  Yes you could fight in the air for a very limited time if you wanted to but it just dosnt feel right in that game.  In Anthem its the complete opposite.  It feels really good weather your ducking in and out of cover or your hovering or even flying from one spot to the next.  I personally never thought it was going to be as good as it is and Im glad I was proven wrong and I hope it keeps happening well playing Anthem.

4) Well I didnt get around to using all the different gun types that I would have liked to.  Mainly due to trying to figure out what the power level cap for the demo was.  It was nice to play a "looter shooter" style game.  Were the gun play not only felt good but was important well facing AI controlled enemies.  You have Warframe were its all about movement and theres no challenge to the game once youve played it a well.  Then theres Destiny that also suffers from this same issue.  Once you progress to a certain level in the game.  You can just go around mowing everything down like its nothing.  From what I got to play of Anthem its not like this.  Your able to up the difficulty level weather your in an actual mission or free roam.  Which translate into not being over powered once again.

My conclusion from playing the VIP demo.  I really enjoyed my time playing the game and cant wait to get back to it for the open demo this week end.  I honestly wish the actual launch of the game was today.  That way I did not have to wait longer for the game.  A side from the obvious connection issues, I have no problem saying I wish I could get more of my friends to play it.  Just so they could experience the difference between this game and others we play.  To me, as long as these connection issues that plagued the VIP demo get worked out.  I now I will personally be easily logging hundreds if not a thousand plus hours in game.

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