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VIP Demo, not very encouraging...

by XxBlazingKnight

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VIP Demo, not very encouraging...

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The VIP Demo taking place from January 25 - 27 for me on day 2 has been a bust.


Devs, did you even do any load and stress testing before this demo release? I know the loading screen freezes, the inability to get past the Anthem title screen, the issue with the access for the VIP demo friends codes and the Rubber-banding that occurs during free roam and/or missions are glaring problems that I feel leads to a disappointing first impression even though this is a demo.


I understand with a demo there are some bugs that will pop-up, it's expected, but the aforementioned problems I can't overlook and be enthused about. We should expect that as players we should have access to the game, be able to run missions, get a feel of the controls, possibly being able to chat. My success rate in being able to play the demo over the past 2 days is not even near 50%, so yes I am really disappointed.

In addition, if this will be the same demo that will be release to the open public over the next weekend, you should be prepared for a mass outcry of negative feedback. If the plans are still in place to release the game on February 22, a lot of these issues should be addressed and should be communicated prior to launch day, otherwise, there will be a mass of angry players.


You should either delay the release in order to release a polished product, try to plan extra time for another demo and re-evaluate the results before release.


All of us, the players, the developers, the investors want this game to be a hit.

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