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Update about VIP Demo bonus vinyls

by EA_Ataashi

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Update about VIP Demo bonus vinyls

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A small update from Michael Gamble on Twitter regarding the exclusive VIP Demo vinyls set.




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Re: Update about VIP Demo bonus vinyls

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I feel it very important to say that it needs to be a way that makes it so it remains exclusive to the people who were in the VIP and not next weeks open demo. I know that makes things a bit more complicated, and is likely already obvious but with everything going on last year with the game industry, EA track record when it comes to games, and the way things went in the VIP demo, I think I can speak for a lot of people in saying that EA/Bioware is treading on thin ice with anthem right now. and not only are a lot of gamers and big names in the community, along with gaming community advocates, their is going to be a lot of people of influence like lawyers and politicians who are also going to watching this one as well. Again with all the shady stuff that's happen in 2018 with games like fallout 76, and then the state centers that had gone after EA prior to, everyone is just waiting for a slip up.


I wish to make it very clear that I'm not pointing things like this out because I'm trying to threaten or "warn" the companies to stay in line. I know I don't have that kind of power. I say this kind of thing because I am someone who has been gaming for most of my life, grant it that hasn't been just under a decade and a half, but i still remember before the industry was taken over by the big corporate CEO's who care only about the money. When gaming was something people did for fun, and when games didn't have microtransactions, or loot boxes. I miss those days. So when I see so much underhandedness for games that have so much potential, it actually hurts because my passion for gaming is just being stomped on. I mean anthem as the present topic is something very unique. It is a totally new breed of game. It's something stemming from actual years of hard work, and a growing want for something with the word New on it that actually was a fresh idea and not just part of a franchise. It has SSOOO much potential yet, it is being haunted by the $.

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Re: Update about VIP Demo bonus vinyls

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Will there be Alpha decals also?

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