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Unrealistic player stats

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I have seen a lot in this game over all these years and I am aware that this game is not even close to the real game of football🤷🏻‍♂️😱

But the fact that the player ratings are now not even close to the real players and their successes and careers is a real insult to the sport.




Otherwise, someone should explain to me why a player called Krishna is better than Lewandowski or Pelé!
For me, it's bad enough that a player like Pelé gets worse ratings than Lewandowski. But that a Krishna from Fiji should be better than both🙄🤦🏻

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Re: Unrealistic player stats

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@Konterman I used to compare players like this, but now for me it does not matter that much, what matters is the in game performace while you play in Vsa or H2h, and a lot of big players have better performance with lower stats compared to less known players. Hope this helps 😁
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Re: Unrealistic player stats

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Hi mate.

I guess that older cards have worse stats, comparing to new cards.

Wait for the Bundesliga TOTS and for the UTOTS, I'm sure there will be a Lewa with beast stats and another great cards!

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Re: Unrealistic player stats


@Konterman this is s tough one mate.


I have been playing this game since season 1. We don't know why EA assigns certain figures on the player-item's attributes. Therefore, we cannot say whether or not, some player items deserve better figures than the other. I am confident that players who like that player-items (player, club, league) are delighted.


You might follow and like a European leagues and want higher attribute values for certain players you deem amazing!. Someone might follow and like another league and therefore want higher attribute values for certain players they deem amazing!.


Regardless of the associated name and card program, I also don't think that one player-item should be dominant throughout the season 

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Re: Unrealistic player stats

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Hello to all,

All your comments contain some truth and reasonable views or opinions. My opinion that led me to write this post was this:


There are players and players, so there are cards and cards. In my opinion, purely out of respect for their history, achievements and image in the real world for what they have achieved in their career, it is very important to reflect this in the game. Especially with the icon cards. As the word says, these players are actually icons of football.

Icon cards should remain attractive throughout the season and be fundamentally better than 95% of the remaining season cards. Since you can't sell them on the market and usually spend a lot of money or certainly a lot of time to get an icon card.
For the other player cards of still active players, the performance of the current season of the player should influence the rating and this also several times during the season. Also for older cards of the same player, this would also make the card market more attractive in my opinion.

This would not only fluctuate the market value of the players during the season but also their performance in the game.
This would also bring more managers and trade speculation to the game. Because then you have to think about whether you should put this or that player on the market now or in a few months. Or keep him if he suddenly performs very well in the second half of the season and the stats are adjusted.


But maybe I'm just too truthful an old player with this opinion🥸😂


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Re: Unrealistic player stats

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This is FIFA football, not football manager game. If a card from the 1st event is still better than most of the cards now, you will not change cards and EA will not profit from you.


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Re: Unrealistic player stats

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No this is not Fifa football, this is Fifa Mobile😂

Far away from football


What you have written here: „If a card from the 1st event is still better than most of the cards now, you will not change cards and EA will not profit from you.“ is not what I wrote or meant in any way. Rather the reverse🧐

Thank you anyway for your insightful and selective clarification.

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Re: Unrealistic player stats

@Konterman The thing is, @greengolden is sort of on the right track ... if cards didn’t progress from a low base to higher value towards the end, you would have the whales and the market gurus buy the very best players in the first month, while the likes of us F2P/low value P2P will have little to no chance of ever being able to afford Messi/Ronaldo etc.

It is certainly strange when you see that there is a Messi TOTW card that is way lower in stats than a random Australian player that happens to feature in an event ... but it’s just a game, and nobody really believes that the card reflects reality.

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Re: Unrealistic player stats

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@mendozzamagic @mendozzamagic 

I don't know if you read what I wrote correctly or if I didn't express myself correctly. Because what is written is interpreted differently here🤷🏻‍♂️

I'll take the example I posted. The point is, look at what we players have to achieve to get to Pelé (but can also be applied to any other icon player) and what you had to achieve to get to a Lewandowski and compare it to the effort to get to Krishna who has the best stats of these three players.

That alone is not fair in the game, not even for F2P players, because not every icon player can be bought simply with money. In addition, icon players cannot be sold on the market and do not give more training XP than other players with the same rating.

My suggestion was that if you train icon players, they should get better and better and be at least as good as normal players in the events during the season.
Regarding the active players, my opinion was that, for example, depending on how they are playing in real football in the current season, this changes the stats of the cards.

Not daily or weekly, of course, but several times during the season. Ultimately, a player like Lewandowski who outperformed this season would have become stronger and stronger and others weaker and weaker or sometimes down and then up again. Depending on the performance. Of course, this applies to all Lewandowski cards in the game, whether from TOTW or any other event.

EA would earn even more with such a model. If the devs and algorithm mathematicians get it right, the game would have a much more real connection to football. You could even, for example, include the overall performance of the different teams. So if someone had a lot of Atletico Madrid players in his team this season, he should have better stats with the same OVR compared to a player who has the same number of Barcellona players in his team.


I hope you were able to follow the basic idea.🥸

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Re: Unrealistic player stats

@Konterman Ah - ok - I get you now ... so my 98 Icon Strike Prime Icon keeps pace throughout the season, rather than being swallowed up by mid range TOTS players with better stats at 96 OVR that are easily attainable.

Makes sense 👍

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