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Unplayable due to lag

by Kihlzir

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Unplayable due to lag

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Once again, Anthem is unplayable due to constant lag.  No, it's not my ISP, and it's not my rig.  Anthem is the only game on my computer (50+ games), that lags at all.  Bioware and EA seriously needs to get their heads out of their * and fix this overly hyped PoS. 


I can deal with a crappy loot drop rate, I enjoy playing the game...but when servers are so lagged that you can't complete the simplest of's a waste of time and hard drive space.


It's ridiculous, that this far into Anthem, there is still an issue with lagged servers.  I can play any game I own on EU or even Asian servers with less lag than I can on Anthem servers based here in the US.


I know I'm not the only one with the issue as several friends who live 20 miles away in the next state over are having the same issue with faster internet speeds and even higher end rigs than I have.


FFS fix it.

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Re: Unplayable due to lag

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Yep, I've put up with weeks of the broken loot system (at GM2 100%+Luck and 690 power - averaging 2 MW on a stronghold...)

I've put up with the despawning mooks

I've put up with the load screens and lack of social tools

But I've finally had it with the lag, the rubber-banding, the frame drops the audio drops the graphic lock ups and it just seems to be worse after the latest patch.

I want to play this game, and yet at every turn I'm forced to fight the game itself just to play. It's as though Bioware and EA don't want me to play this game.

My time is worth more than this

I'll come back after the next major update and see if they've fixed things, but until then

I'm out

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