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by addz-120

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Far too many issues with this game. I hope the below helps in the development of the game but i suspect due to lack of content it's not a priority. 


1. Hit registry issues. I have sights dead on and what should be hits are not hits.

2. I play as Bangalore and whenever i smoke, used threat sights and shoots a red target 70% will miss. I don;t know if that's just a normal hit reg issue or smoke making it worse somehow.

To put this in perspective, i had a guy in my smoke, sights dead on with R-99, unloaded and barely 5 hits from a whole clip on a stationary target.

3. Guy climbs up to me on the roof, easy kill and he's in climbs animation and 1 gaming yard infront of my face. *Unloads spitfire* not one hit registered.


Now for reasons unknown i cannot accept game invites, you hear the sound but there's no option to select and the Origin settings do nothing. Same with a reinstall.

Now today, no updates and audio issues, i cannot hear gunfire or footsteps! That's the end for me it's just a mess. Many fanboys will no doubt say "I'm crying" I'm simply saying these are major gameplay issues and neither the client or game works properly.


Also the ranking system is meant to "match players with your ability" While i do everything i can to play as a team, 7/10 random matches (my friends don't play these because of the issues above), the players are borderline incompetent with next to no stats that justify how they're in a higher ranked league. I'm close to Diamond now but the quality doesn't improve. I find it odd that such a large player base seems to match Platinum with Bronze????


I also find the team unity (for whatever reasons) doesn't play like other BR games like PUBG. I always seem to find a good team ethic in random squads there despite lack of ability. Numerous times here people loot me then call me in right next to my looted box and i die with no loot. Or have no shield cells and the team don't share but take all the shields from the loot boxes. I find it bizaree that people see players with flashing health and no shields and literally ignore it then complain if you die? The randoms in this game are truly weird and it kills it for me!


Steam is far superior and everything works from comms to invites. I don't know why EA struggle to get these things right but I'm totally done with their products. Hopefully this will be taken on the chin and not censored....

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