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Uninstalled and Last Game from Bioware...

by Kerensky-tm-

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Uninstalled and Last Game from Bioware...

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Just uinstalled Anthem. What is this? Unfinished, boring Game with less content and value like older Bioware Games.


I am trying since 2 hours now to join a free mission. The only thing this games is able to due is "loading screen" and joining nealry or finished games -> Loading Screen and back in Fort Taris, great job. Maybe you should fire your QA Team.


I am not buying any EA Games since Battlefield 2142 and now i must add Bioware to this list. What has EA done to Bioware? After my opinion this game is a punsh in the Face of all players of old Bioware games. Maybe you should making games for your shareholders and not for players.


This are my experience and my opinion to Anthem:



- PCIe M.2 and i see Minutes of Loading screens, or waiting for ...

- Games feels like it is cut in parts, it feels not like one Game.

- Bugs Bugs Bugs in higher lvl or missions. Missions your Team cant finish (e.g. cant continue), dropouts during Game -> want to Continue with last session -> Loading Screen -> want to Contiue Last session -> Loading Screen -> Back in Fort Taris ....

- What kind of Game is this? Asian Hack & Slay? Combos are just luck.

- To many Visual Effect at least if your are in Close-Combat. Some times i dont see anything from the enemy, i only see explosions explosions ....

- Why should i build something during lvl. <30???? This manufacturing system ist just useless.

- Story? Ever played ME? Most Dialogs just take time with no meaning. Most Dialogs are boring. 5 Min. playing, 10 Min loading Screen, 20 Min. useless Stories. Tried to play your game with friends on different Lvls? My Friend just started the Game on Friday, what does he do during your Dialogs? Making Coffee, Washing, Smoking or something else. Did you fire your old Story Team?

- For what did i select a voice or a Avatar Picture at the start? Unfinished Idea? Ever looked to your ME Series what you could do there for your Charakter oder Cloth customization?

- End-Content? Not even cool looking Armors to buy or grind ....

- Not even romances or anythin like this ...

- Is it so hard to make menues for PC Players? I am not Blind and i have a mouse and keyboard to slelect things fast.

- A Chat system for at least the PC Players would be nice. Some people have deactivated voice or u self dont want to usw it and your are not able to communicate during game.



If you Compare the possibilites, Story and so on between/in other Bioware Games and Anthem you should come after my opinion to one result: this game ist not worth 50€ or more Euros.



- I could change my Keyboard settings to lefthanded without problems (still not in all Games 2019).

- I didnt need to complet the story again again with 4 "different" Chars.


I dont have a Problem to pay for a Game even over 100 € and more, but when i get back for my money less then the last game and this was even cheaper, then i must ask me, are you trying to fool me? I cant even agree anymore to people who tell that bugs and so on is normal. No, its not normal. Its not normal that u have to download after release a few gigs as patch or even have to wait before u can play the released Game. If i buy a Car, it has to work at Start and not month later or with reduced features.


Maybe EA should invest more Money in the Development and not so much in Advertising. If the Game is good, the people we know it in 2019 on other ways (ever heard von Social Media?). Thats the way i heard from e.g. ME1, a friend told me, since this day i was fascinated from ME Universe.


I think Anthem had potenial, but all friends i know, playing Anthem, are dissapointed. From Bioware i don't need the Ultracool Grafics and so on, but at least i want a story. All reviews i have seen, says the same: that what made Bioware good, the story, is weak in Anthem. And if i want a hack and slay game, i play other games. A little more Tactical gameplay woud have been nice and would at least make the gametime for the missions longer. Maybe i belong to old generation, but i dont need a simplified gameplay, i am not playing on a smartphone.


For the flying / Jetpacks / Javelin: It allready started in ME4. Games like Firefall or Wareframe had it allready long before Anthem. Maybe you should play games like Borderlands and so on, or take a look at Star Citizen (about your Loading Screens). This game looks for me like a grafical pimped ME, but the rest of ME was castrated for Anthem.



The "Beta" from the Division 2 made it even more fun, then Anthem at release.


Like i told this is my opinion and may not represent the major part of players, but for me, this is the last Bioware Game. The for ME1-4 and other Bioware games in the past, Anthem is not the game kind i will follow in the future.


Pls. excuse my bad english, its not my native language.







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Re: Uninstalled and Last Game from Bioware...

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So... Good bye?

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Re: Uninstalled and Last Game from Bioware...

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Goodbye. Your loss as the game is amazing.
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Re: Uninstalled and Last Game from Bioware...

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Can I haz yur stuff?



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