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Uninstalled. - This is the last message.

by BahamutCZ

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Uninstalled. - This is the last message.

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Sorry. I tried to be constructive. Wrote directly on reddit to your CM. But the game is just getting worse. 


What 1.04 brought for me:

Really big downgrade of gameplay as Storm at GM2, hidding behind stones all the time. Dying literally every mission - lot of times. (Gameplay fun was the only thing holding me in the game)

Some chests at the end of the stronghold - I cant remember not a one thing i got from these. Absolutely meaningless.

Some legendary mission - with no reward at all. Absolutely meaningless.


Let me get this straight.

You don´t know how to reward players. It shows in this game so much - like that challenge of walor - how much time player spend on it and what he gets? and lot more.

You have nothing to reward players with. Drops are still bad and as I see these patches, i have no hope anymore, you can make them better - you will spend 3 months literaly on nothing, cause you dont know what you are doing.

You spend time on meaningless tweaking - like changing skills, instead on important matters. These changes could not bring anything due to your scaling systems. Like in the best scenario my gear will do +2k dmg? that MEANS NOTHING!


I dont regret money i have spent on this game. Brought me some fun. But I regret the time I have spent in frustration bcs of this game. Almost 200 hours wasted. No more.


Bye BW






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