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Re: Unhappy!

by Huntinwabits

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Re: Unhappy!

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@Huntinwabits  HE really does mean 600 killls.... when you see levels less then 30 with 600 kills what is your first thought? Pro? amazing god ? how come he is level 30 with 600 kills? whats your first impression? why are we all so wrong to think this? when the game is INFESTED with it since the launch and yet you still say what ever do you mean?


now if we knew the game was alot more secure.... my first impression truly would be HOLY * that guy is level 30 with 600 kills i want to add him and run a game with that guy... instead its oh look another low level with hundreds of kills lets leave this que as i dont want to be associated with those scum.....

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Re: Unhappy!

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@SinfulThings187 I still haven't found where he said level 30?? Now if I seen it say level 30 I wouldn't have disagreed with him. Only one I see saying level 30 is you.
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Re: Unhappy!

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lol your clearly not here to make friends but only to have a view that further demonstates how single minded you are being when the problem is as clear as day!


there are no hackers the updates are great the game is super smooth and hey level 100's should have 15k kills right now and have 5 accoutsn that have 1k kills on them too its jsut us the regular folk who cant delete peopel from across the map with a R99 ... guess i need to get gud along with this chap!


are you earning anything in the game or are you after FORUM BADGES LMFAO!  most of your time is spent typing back to people who voice there opinions here?

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Re: Unhappy!

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Well, details... Let’s not miss the point here:

Apex on PC is ridden with cheaters. 

Any time spent fixing sound and adding features could very well prove wasted if level of cheating is not dramtically improved

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Re: Unhappy!

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@Huntinwabits wrote:
600+ KILLS????? Now if you said 6000, I would say OK, But are you SERIOUS? I think this is a L2 play and aim maybe. I don't believe people are actually giving you EXP for this post Because it shows how much you guys don't actually know about this game. with complaining about that many kills..

Can't be serious at all.... Or must be one of the individuals we all are talking about.


As of 3 weeks ago already 770.000 cheaters got banned (and it wasn't even the peak of active cheaters, which is now worse).

That's a ridiculous huge amount... Just compare stats:

50.000.000 accounts on all plattforms.

Since consoles are usually stronger than pc and we have 2 of them it's ~10.000.000 accounts on pc.


That's ridiculous 7,7% cheaters of the entire playerbase on pc who got caught.... And a lot morestill active.

That's more than enough cheaters each freaking match.

And that's only the obvious ones, not the ESP-only guys which are harder to spot

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Re: Unhappy!

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Ive been following the forum since the beginning and i see lots of topic about cheaters. I play this game mostly at night and friday and saturday a lot. I am playing in EU if this is important and usually i do not spot any hacker at all, well sometimes i do, but the problem is a lot smaller than it seems. Also im pretty decent player or at least i think i am, i have pretty high headshot number, because im aiming for the head. I reported one player for hacking and he really did get banned  , but since then the last hacker i met was 1 week ago. Either they cant play with hacks or the problem isnt that big in EU. Dont get me wrong i hate hackers too, but sometimes it feels that players who arent that good think better players for hackers. I am lvl 103 and i have over 2k kills almost on all characters in everygame i do 6+ kills, almost every game. 

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Re: Unhappy!

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[Removed by CM]

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