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Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

by BenWalke

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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Yes, but building from the past is how EA needs to go in that direction.

Been said they are now not looking back.

I'm afraid the next NFS might be more like other silly car games on the current market of 2019. 

If EA wants fans from all generation's.

Than EA will need to bring back older concepts and scrap the predictable movie story and scrap all micro transactions. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. 

Have a great day 👍😁

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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Also,As Payback is my most played game,Please fix the car sounds and I would love to have Chapters 6-10! :D

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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I’m so happy to hear that you guys are dropping a new game this year! I’ve been waiting and now I’m excited. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Andre Pelissier and I’ve just started my own modular wheel company making some really sporty wheels for hyper cars and exotics. Milled by the cutting house in California. Designed and engineered by the best in the industry. A definite cut above the rest. I’m a minority small business just looking for a shot to have our products in the game 

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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If you are looking for a place to be advertised by EA in a game.

Than I highly recommend you do it the professional way.

Get a business proposal and profile together to show EA what you have to offer.

Any contracts EA might offer you should be read by your legal lawyers. 

Ask as many questions to definitions and terms of any contract.

Contact them at their corporate office.

Also be advised you have your own legal team and tax lawyers when running a professional business. 

I wish you all the best. 👍😁

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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This article makes me sad,it is just pathetic they totally forget classic NFS and its heritage.If you want to make UG1 or 2015 reboot style the definitive NFS,Then please say you are celebrating NFS 16 years anniversary or 4 years from reboot.I understand UG/MW styles are very popular among fans,but it was a success because of FF films(Which EA already show different style)NFS started out as a Cannonball Run thrill with top end supercar/cop chase/beautiful roads.Tuning wasnt a thing until High Stakes,and story wasnt in NFS until UG1,NFS was the biggest name in arcade racer thanks to the fantasy setting,not urban car culture of tuning and street racing.Why EA can't accept NFS history from early days?You cant find a game like classic NFS anymore,if it returns,it will still be unique.Tuning was at its best during early 2000s.But a supercar high octane chase never gets old.People treat 60s' Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona as a desirable ride,in 70s we have 930 Turbo,80s M1 and all those supercar fantasy.The NFS series started out as a Supercar Hot Pursuit in beautiful scenery,and other than first 6 games,only HP2010 really made the pure simple fun of such game.And that's pathetic just how far EA steered NFS away from its roots.If EA really wants to go back to the root.It should be closer to first 6 games like High Stakes TNFS and Hot Pursuit series.Not tuning and story and action.A HP classic Diablo SV 95 is always way cooler than a max tuned Skyline R34(Which is also a fantastic machine)If we wont ever see classic style NFS return again,please just say you let go of the history and stop calling NFS a 25 years old series.16 or 4 are both better.No classic NFS is a no to me.UG/MW was the hero of its time,thanks to FF films,but never the core or root of NFS.If EA wants to disavow classic NFS,then they doesnt deserve classic NFS fans and a full 25 years of history.NFS is dead to me,unless classic style return,but until then, HP2010 was the last hurrah of Real Classic NFS.Future of NFS seems lack the place for Classic style,I'd love to see NFS fall without its real  root.

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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I think that the new NFS should be a combination of Underground, Carbon, and Most Wanted combined. Like have the best aspects of Underground 1 & 2 mixed together with the best of Carbon and the best of Most Wanted . I really like the way we could modify the customization on Carbon and on Pro-Street and I definitely like the vinyls and decals that you were able to do Underground 1 & 2 and on Payback. I actually own currently Underground 1 & 2 as well as Carbon, Pro-Street on PS2 and NFS 2015 as well as Payback on PS4. I have also played most of the games from the NFS Franchise since the orginal PlayStation. I do have to say this though if you are going to have a 1969 Dodge Charger in the game at least lets us Dukes of Hazard fans and enthusiast have the exact rims that was on the actual the General Lee car from the television  series and also include the proper ram bar for it as well. And also gives us the ability to custom cars to  resemble some our favorite Fast and the Furious vehicles including some of the ones that Paul Walker had driven as the character Brian O'Connor. For Paul Rest in Peace 2013

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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I do not understand what of classic NSF are you talking about? HP 2010? Rivals? As for me it is very boring, I would rather play the simulator than it. Disadvantage simulator racing for me is the lack of an open world, the police, and possibly the store. Be it all in them, they will kill any racing game ...

Forza almost did it


OMG, I just now understand that a speed check in the Payback should be shown the maximum AVERAGE speed.

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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HP2010 and first 6 games,these games are fun even without custom and story(which I hate most).NFS games in the early days,before Fast Furious came into the scene and change it completely with UG1.In these games you still have intense chase,fun race,but without story about revenge or characters easy to be forgotten.Early NFS was about race and chase,nothing more.A beautiful mountain road in a V12 Lambo with cops and choppers behind your tail,that's the pure fun mode NFS.This style was the beginning of NFS,not that FF crap that became definitive thanks to NFS2015.If EA plan to forget those history,better with another 9 years to celebrate 25th anniversary

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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If it dosent have tesla i am not buying this one 

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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@GK3512 What do you say about TDU or Forza?
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