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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat


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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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Add more extreme tuning. Headlights of any color, not only red at the back, but in front. I want one red headlamp, and another black in the front for example. Strobe lights with adjustable backlight, flicker frequency and other things.

Nitro is an important part of the game, maybe you should think about its diversity and customization? - I mean not the visual part, but the gameplay.

Add traffic accidents, puddles spray


I know that these deves can do anything, the question is only in time, but microsoft gives enough time for its employees, and EA?


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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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a moment ago

In NSF payback good physics for an arcade, suspension work looks impressive and other. But the steering... Seems to control the car not me, but some unknown energies) scripts or something else, I think the devs know ...
The car turns very tight. When you do NOT press on the gas pedal, the car should easily enter the turn without any effort.
Perhaps this is due to the slow turn of the wheels, look at the old NSF, the wheels are turned to the stop less than 0.5 seconds.
One of the few cars in the game, which is nicely control

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★★★ Apprentice

Idea of an exclusive painting vehicle for $ 99.99

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★★ Newbie

EA, this is my very wished car list in Need for Speed 2019:

001-Acura RSX 

002-Acura NSX 
003-Alfa-Romeo 4C 
004-Alfa-Romeo 8C Competizione 
005-Aston-Martin V12 Vantage 
006-Aston-Martin DB11 
007-Aston-Martin Vanquish S 
008-Aston-Martin Vulcan 
009-Aston-Martin One-77 
010-Audi S3 
011-Audi RS4 
012-Audi S5 
013-Audi TT RS 
014-Audi Quattro 20v 
015-Audi R8 V10 plus 
016-Bentley Continental Supersport 
017-BMW M3 E46 
018-BMW M3 E92
019-BMW M5
020-BMW M6 
021-BMW X6 M 
022-Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (Super Sport)
023-Bugatti Chiron
024-Bugatti Divo
025-Buick GNX 
026-Buick Riviera 
027-Cadillac Escalade 
028-Chevrolet Bel Air
029-Chevrolet Camaro SS 
030-Chevrolet Camaro Z28 
031-Chevrolet Chevelle SS coupe 
032-Chevrolet Corvette C2 Stingray
033-Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray 
034-Chevrolet Stepside C10 
035-Chrysler Crossfire 
036-DeLorean DMC-12 
037-Dodge Charger RT 440 
038-Dodge Charger SRT8 
039-Dodge Challenger RT 
040-Dodge Challenger SRT8 
041-Dodge SRT Viper GTS 
042-Ferrari 308 GTS 
043-Ferrari F50 
044-Ferrari 458 Italia 
045-Ferrari 812 Superfast 
046-Ferrari F12berlinetta 
048-Ferrari LaFerrari 
049-Ford Focus RS 
050-Ford F150 SVT Raptor 
051-Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria '56
052-Ford Torino 428 CobraJet '69
053-Ford Mustang GT 2015 
054-Ford Shelby GT 500 '67 
055-Ford Shelby GT 500 Super Snake 
056-Ford GT 2017 
057-Ford GT90 
058-Ford Indigo 
059-GTA Spano 2015 
060-Hennessey Venom GT 
061-Honda Civic 
062-Honda S2000 
063-Hummer H2 
064-Hyundai Coupe 
065-Isdera Commentadore 112i
066-Italdesign Nazca C2
067-Jaguar F-type R coupe 
068-Jaguar C-X75 
069-Jaguar XJ220S 
070-Koenigsegg CCX 
071-Koenigsegg Agera 
072-Koenigsegg Regera 
073-Koenigsegg Jesto
074-Lamborghini Miura SV
075-Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary  
076-Lamborghini Italdesign Cala
077-Lamborghini Diablo SV  
078-Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 
079-Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce 
080-Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 
081-Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 
082-Lamborghini Centenario
083-Land-Rover Range Rover Sport  
084-Lexus IS-F 
085-Lexus LFA 
086-Lincoln Navigator 
087-Local Motors Rally Fighter 
088-Lotus Esprit V8 
089-Lotus Exige S 
090-Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale 
091-Maserati Merak SS
092-Maserati MC 12 
093-Mazda MX-5 2015 
094-Mazda RX-8 
095-Mazda RX-7 Spirit R 
096-McLaren MP4-12C 
097-McLaren 570S 
098-McLaren F1 
099-McLaren P1 
100-Mercedes-Benz G63 
101-Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG 
102-Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG
103-Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 
104-Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
105-Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 722 Edition
106-Mercury Cougar
107-Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX '99
108-Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR Edition 
109-Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 
110-Mitsubishi 3000GT 
111-Nissan 180SX (S13)
112-Nissan Fairlady 240 ZG
113-Nissan 300 ZX 
114-Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V 
115-Nissan Sylvia Spec-R Aero (S15)
116-Nissan 350Z 
117-Nissan 370Z 
118-Nissan Skyline 2000 GTR
119-Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
120-Nissan GTR R35 
121-Pagani Huayra BC 
122-Pagani Zonda Cinque 
123-Plymouth AAR Cuda V8 HEMI 
124-Plymouth RoadRunner GTX 440  
125-Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 
126-Pontiac GTO 65 
127-Pontiac G8 GXP
128-Porsche Cayman GT4 
129-Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 
130-Porsche 911 Carrera S 
131-Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 
132-Porsche 911 GT2 
133-Porsche Carrera GT 
134-Porsche 918 Spyder 
135-Renault Megane R26 
136-Saleen S7 
137-Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe 
138-Subaru BRZ 
139-Subaru Impreza WRX STI 
140-Toyota MR-S
141-Toyota Sprinter GT 
142-Toyota Celica GT-S 
143-Toyota Supra 
144-Vauxhall Monaro VXR 
145-Vauxhall VXR8 
146-VW Bettle 
147-VW Golf GTI Clubsport
148-Volvo 242 
149-Volvo Amazon P130 
150-W Motors Fenyr Supersport

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★★ Newbie
  • 1982 Pontiac Trans Am
  • 1958 Plymouth Fury
  • 2005-2010 BMW M5 E60

If these cars are included I’ll be so happy.  Modifying the Beetle and the Charger to look like famous cars kept me glued to the game for hours at a time.

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★ Guide

@BenWalke   English:  I hope that the new NFS series will not be as crappy as NFS Payback. I want to see in the game cool drift cool customization and a lot of cool cars. Do not do remakes of the old NFS series, we need a new NFS series which will become a new legend

Русский: Я надеюсь что новая серия NFS не будет такой же дерьмовой как NFS Payback. Я хочу видеть в игре крутой дрифт, крутую кастомизацию и много крутых тачек. Не надо делать ремейки старых серий NFS, нам нужна новая серия NFS которая станет новой легендой

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★★★ Apprentice

Hello Ben


So happy to read your words.


I play NFS for 25 years :-) so it's a huge birthday


Agree with you about cars and custom.


I hope that next NFS will be amazing as you wrote it : there is no game like that around the world, and 2 years playing Payback for 6 or 700 hours, that's cool but long :-)


So what could I do waiting for next NFS, play Payback again :-)


But please don't be too long.


Best regards to the NFS Team

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★★★ Apprentice

Why did you remove the police from the open world? I ride and do not know what to amuse myself. I would love to leave of cops, helicopters reaching the maximum level ...
No dynamic weather, raining day and night, cloudy.
Very dull soundtrack of the game as a whole. Guys why do you buy such expensive licenses? There is very much pleasant music that will cost you much cheaper ... And yes, there is very little music in the game ...

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★ Guide

@RapStar1738  I fully agree with you and I also want to see a good drift in the new NFS series. And I agree that NFS 2015 was a good series because of the good drifting and so it still plays a lot of people and love this series

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Re: I'm very disappointed with u and the last games

★★★★★ Guide


I highly appreciate your help and support in having carrism and gusto for the old school NFS games.

It would be cool if EA would just listen to the audience of old school fans. 

I'm and older dude and with over four decades of game experience.

I have seen allot of gimmicks and tricks from the corporate overall industry.

The advertising is always demographic to age and aimed at a paticular themed audience. 

I feel EA started on soild ground in the early days.

Then as the money rolled in the EA NFS titles only got more movie oriented.

I found this also to be the case for the overall industy of games moving towards that movie direction.

The sad thing is I only found the movie themed games that were actually enjoyable we're FPS style games. 

EA has in my opinion taken the movie themed NFS games to a dead end.

Payback was a joke trying to recreate Fast & Furious movie as the story line.

I felt EA ripped off Vin Diesel and that's no way to pay tribute to Vin Diesel who actually wrote and directed all the Fast & Furious movies. 

As I have stated the industry has sold millions of games and what are we the consumer left with??

Two years after a game is released it becomes worthless in the sense of commodity value. 

Also, no new updates after two years for many online PC games. 

I'm not saying all online PC games. 

I'm talking EA NFS or Madden franchise.

I'm aware there are game long past two years online that still get updated content. 

Well let's hope EA doesn't create another experimental game. 

Going back to the basics is where EA needs to go. 

That is where fans feel most at home in this NFS franchise. 

Have a great day 👍😁


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