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Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

by MaireDevylin

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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem


@Daethena wrote:

@Spiritual-Zombie wrote:

So the most toxic vitriol toward a game ever has had no impact? Is that what the ever-salty crowd would like to think... that their daily bashing has no impact on sales? Exactly how far from reality are they willing to go? 


To me it looks like a crowd amped up on demolishing a brand. 


From what I can see, anytime there is word about anthem, announcements of any kind, the cynical mob use it as a springboard for more bashing. It’s beyond reason.



...because we get so many announcements.


Sorry, I still enjoy the game and want it to do well, and I am far from being a "white knight", it's just I am personally unable to turn a blind eye to glaring issues that continue to hold this game back from reaching it's potential.


There was a lot of hype going into this game and it's sad when all of those EA game changers and youtube sites that heavily supported and recommended the game are not covering Anthem anymore, let alone able to recommend it in it's current state, and they too wanted Anthem to do well.


Label us impatient, entitled little brats (not that their aren't a few), but also be able to note EA/Bioware has brought a  lot of this on themselves and their recent lack of communication isn't helping the matter what so ever.


Many are just finding it harder to have as much hope due to the radio silence, along with misplacing our rose tinted glasses, and becoming far more critical due to such. Let's hope we will get some good news soon, just don't get upset when we don't hold our breath waiting.

Hi @Daethena 


immo there is nothing wrong with being critical of Anthem's issues.

I assume even most of the players--me included--who enjoy the game will agree there is still a lot of room for improvement.

From what I remember of your posts I also don't think @Spiritual-Zombie would include you with the people he had in mind writing his reply.


There is a huge difference between providing feedback, even criticism and the level of pure bashing of the game and not least its devs.


I, too, miss the communication and openness the devs showed when Anthem released, but honestly, I can't blame them at all for having withdrawn.

Nobody should have to deal with this level of hatred and negativity.


There are those who say the customer is king. In my book being king entails a certain level of regality, not behaving like a despot.


I played games before that had a bumpy start and have been called dead after just a few weeks.

When I enjoyed the gameplay being patient always paid off for me personally.

My fondest MMO-memories are from those games.

I won't give up hope just yet Standard smile


Stronger together!

"From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire."

[Robert Frost - Fire and Ice]

I don't work for EA. The opinions I express are my own.
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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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its a loot shooter, of course its about loot. unless we are going to see lots of new content as promised? oh..... 


its not like there are weapon quests like destiny or any other games modes either. its just pure PVE for loot. 

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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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If this is indeed true it's a very sad day for Bioware. When you start blaming your customers for your own inadequacies you are really in denial. Also sounds like an excuse for them to drop the ball and move on. Oh we wanted to fix the game but our player base is so bad they don't deserve it....very convenient. I personally have not spent time bashing the game but If they walk away from this I will bash this company at every single opportunity I can find and I'm sure I'm not alone in my feelings here.

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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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To anyone giving reasoned feedback, I think you have more in common with the fans, than those on the salty hate train. Don’t group yourself or take a bullet intended for the toxic hate train which is on a whole other level. 


Anyone saying the game is dead, wants it to be dead.


If I was a developer of this game, there’s no doubt I would see the massive vitriol as part of the problem. It doesn’t mean they’re ignoring the issues... I see it as reason to press on, that the vitriol is wrong, the hate is wrong, and the game is worth further investment.


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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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I think anybody saying the game is dead, might actually believe it. How would they or anybody else for that matter know any differently.


There has been no coms for, I don't even remember any more. Some people might have enough ice in their stomachs to "try" and wait it out, despite the lack of coms. 


But let's face it, for every action, there is in fact a opposite and equal reaction.


Closing argument is basically the same as, what the Unconfirmed rumor Op posted is about. 


If a developer started viewing negative feedback as part of the problem for why their product is in the state its in. 


I wouldn't ever recommend a product from such company moving forward. Myself included, ofcourse.


Any company giving me the blame for something I had No say in, total out of my control. Probably wouldn't have any client base to warrant any further investments at all.


I wish people would stop white knighting the state of this game.

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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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In my experience when it comes to programmers, it's a bit more common. I have a background in both computer science, cybersecurity, and digital media and run into it a lot.

In generalized opinion from my experience, programmers are highly competitive in development. The visual arts side is a pride soaked element, and Anthem has some of the most beautiful artistic environments in the market.

The competitive nature is not a bad thing, but until recently tech focused individuals where rarely participating in competitive circles in earlier parts of life. I was in tons of sports but most the people I spent time writing code with didn't have that aspect. It wasnt a flaw but made the competitive element less natural in experience development prior to college or professional level projects. 

Admitting that you didn't correctly spend hundreds of hours writing code and then say you messed up, is a hard bullet to take. Your putting your all into creating the best manifestation of your objective, and having coworkers, and colleagues that will be impacted by a lapse in quality. All on top of a blow to your pride, and competitors benefiting from your unexpected code flaw, would be difficult for anyone.


The last element to take into consideration is that as our level of virtual socialization, as well as all the means to stand on your soapbox being unlimited in potential has created individuals who decide to create a negative perception that lacks any need for integrity.

Creating negativity trolling sites and individuals for the pure purpose of creating negativity, even if they dont have a reason. Like other psychological elements it's something that is just triggered in people and has developed fairly recently. Musicians, celebrities, movies, games, books, almost anything can be targeted, and it's still new in terms of how to handle that in a professional setting. It is amplified by actual issues that arise provide fuel on the fire, because it has some merit.


Yes, game developers like many other Industries needs to evolve faster to these situations. The denial of issues is a matter that needs to be addressed and held accountable throughout the industry. I've seen more games in the last 5 years than the entire 29 before it, decide inaction or passing the blame become acceptable response. As consumers we deserve to have real issues addressed, if something is failing then fixing or compensating the consumers should be expected. However, the level of complaints and triggers for complaining need to be controlled as well.

When there is a game that has non-stop complaints over a certain weapon creating a disadvantage, and needs to be altered. And this occurs constantly and increases in frequency, your forcing developers to put resources on minor issues. Like calling an ambulance & going to the ER for a bandaid, when someone is stabbed and bleeding out down the road. Over powered weapons when anyone has the chance to access them is minor in comparison to a major game system not operating correctly. But the bandaid dispensary is already overworked. In real life you see people with connections get jobs over skilled, it's called networking. Or countries that have limited military tools that face major military powers, but they cant say this war is only allowing the us of pistols. It's not fair but its life and reality. 

So yeah push for major fixes and feedback for helping developers know a solid direction for the game to evolve, but limit the paper cut level complaints. It will free the financial and staffing resources to allow a game to do the fixes. Games need to make a profit or the financial backing that funds developers like movie studios will pull the plug. Stemming financial bleeding in order to be successful. It may take a hit from fans when support ends, but not as much as dumping funds into a sinking ship. It's a industry money pit that is the worst case scenario for both the gamers and the developers. 

George Lukas had to fund the second Star Wars out of pocket while filming, because the studio wouldn't pay for the sequel until the response was calculated from the first. It was a complete gamble and successfully coming out on top is rare, that's what set Lukas apart and elevated his legacy. Most wont or cant take a risk like that, and the funding from companies supporting is limited. 


2 sides to every coin, and your statement is correct, it is not acceptable. But letting go of a top level employee or multiple is not a small financial matter, and more so wont solve the issue. Take into consideration that there are the people who act as the writers and directors in the movie industry and then the studio that is the larger entity funding the project. A new director isnt going to do anything is the studio stops writing the checks, but if there is still some wiggle room financially hiring a new person as director is gonna be a major cost that gets taken from the limited account, and is a hail Mary attempt that has as much or more chance of not doing anything, or making things worse. 


It's easy to base our assessments of the most visible problems, but like any job more happens behind the scenes than can ever be understood from someone on the outside looking in. What is posted publicly is usually a orchestrated effort and only hits on the most visible elements.


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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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Many of us have in our lifetime encountered a transaction, service or such, where the product totally failed or just didn't meet expectations.  And in rare cases, the retailer, restaurant, movie theater or concert owned up to it, apologized and made an attempt at amends.  One that comes to my mind was a movie theater where the projection flat out broke down.  A half hour wait, and nothing.  The theater management refunded the cost of the tickets, offered up another movie for free that night, plus a complimentary ticket to see another movie on our next visit.  Perhaps you've had such an experience once.


Has this happened with Bioware and Anthem?  You paid for what was supposed to be a completed product, and yet you only received one-third of it, and that one-third is subpar...wait no...its worse.  It is incomplete, with parts of it that are still in disrepair.  Many have paid in full, up front for this product, and have yet to even receive it due to technical issues.


To pour salt onto this open would, Bioware has made no attempts at attempting to apologize, has not taken ownership of this sunken vessel (fess up that they blew this to their fan base).  Do you think that they would make any attempts at making amends???  


Do let us know when Bioware takes ownership of this "Unconfirmed Leak."  Whether someone in the upper or highest management said this or not, they still should be out in front of it, apologizing or setting the record straight.  To not do what is right is to put a boot heel into the back wound of their fans, who have paid for an advertised fully functioning product or perhaps this was a * all along. 


The bottom line here...the customer paid upfront for a product they have yet to receive.  Given any other sort of product sales, would you just shut-it, go sit in the corner, or just leave and be on your content you got something in return instead of nothing??  I doubt that...unless you were in a relationship with a really cute person in an Internet cafe in Ethiopia, and you're too embarrassed to admit you got scammed out of your life's savings.  Exactly how would you expect the Bioware fanbase to react over this?  These fans were scammed out of their money.  Yes, they are going to be pissed.


The longer this abandonment of Anthem continues, so will the punishment.  "The beatings will continue until morale improves!"  There is only one way to end this...fix the product or attempt at making amends.  Either route requires being a leader and taking ownership.  Even pulling the plug on Anthem (yeah, shutting it down hard) should not be excluded from the table of options.  Then attempt amends with your customer base.  Doing absolutely nothing and letting Anthem continue to blow in the wind like a stringless kite stuck in a tree, is a sure sign of lack of leadership and clear focus and a blatant admission that they have little respect for, and do not care about their customer. 

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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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As usual people are blowing this out of proportion. Seriously if this was a public statement from BioWare, have at it.


However, if it’s true, it seems to be talk among management.


The people spewing the daily toxic vitriol should feel proud. They want to hurt sales and this indicates they are. What’s the problem? They don’t like the credit?

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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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Oooohhhh so it’s OUR fault this game didn’t succeed? Ok ok TOTALLY get it. Why couldn’t I see it before?? So after all this time it wasn’t EA’s track record of games as a service, lack of content, mismanagement of time, talent and resources, poor leadership, lack of vision, the lies and deceit surrounding the E3 trailer, the broken state the game came out in, the unrewarding grind, the devs unwillingness to fix loot which started a boycott, the huge wasted potential, lack of customization early on, the useless crafting system, repetitive mission design, the failure that was the road map which is now delayed indefinitely, the insufferable loading screens, and the annoying tether system which gives you more loading screens. Noooo, it’s ALL OUR FAULT that anthem failed, not BioWare or EA 

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Re: Unconfirmed leak - We are the problem

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The OP clearly stated it was an "unconfirmed leak," so people shouldn't be taking it as fact. 


The fact that it is unconfirmed just falls into line with the overwhelming toxicity that *certainly* plagues the Anthem community. 


The toxic online community doesn't realize that a negativity 'plague' for any title is never going to have any positive effect on improvement. 


If you don't want to play, don't play. There's no reason to make it sound worse than it is, though. Despite all of its current shortcomings, Anthem was well worth the price tag I paid based on the fact that I have fully enjoyed it for almost 300 hours so far. I accept the current state of bugs as merely frustrating, and not game-breaking as many claim it is. 


I'm eager to see what announcements they will have for Anthem when it resurfaces in E3. 


I would love to see Anthem grow into the critically-acclaimed successful title that I know it can be. 

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