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Ultimate Inscription component

by chewarette

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Ultimate Inscription component

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Heya guys,


I have (finally!) noticed that the Ultimate Inscription component doesn't exist above Epic quality. So I've looked for something to replace it, but I'm not sure whether it is really useful or not.


Ultimate Inscription "augments javelin ultimate gear and increases damage by 5% of base damage". Does that mean :

- Increases ultimate damage by 5% only ?

- Increases ultimate damage (without any further information) AND increases all damage by 5% ?

I'm troubled by this "and" in the middle of the description tbh, as if those two were completely independent bonuses.


If that's only a +5% bonus without any masterworks to make it worth, I've looked for a replacement in my build and I stopped on the Token of Daring (Increases elemental damage by 35% and decreases physical damage by -35%), but I'm a bit sad because of its impact on weapons, so I also had to adapt toward "elemental" weapons and that nearly kills any other one.


Thanks by advance for your help!

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Re: Ultimate Inscription component

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This got patched. It now adds 15% of base damage. I have one that also has +65% Max on shield. I would say don't waste time with the Ult inscription because most people forget to use theirs, or don't use them enough, you know what I mean. Unless you are able to throw ultimates at a really fast rate its just a slot you could put something in that you use and get more benefit.


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