US vs RU jets

by Man_ILoveFishing

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US vs RU jets

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Someone enlight me, me as RU, what should i do against US jet when it can use Full E-brake. Oh yeah, lets not forget rockets that lock by them selves. Am i moroon or there's just no chance to fight that?

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Re: US vs RU jets

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This is easy, you should just fire your missile and pull up, do the loop or high yo-yo. 

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Re: US vs RU jets

★★★★ Guide
@DrowStalker Easy? What does it matter where i go? Up or straight. He still can full throttle up or forward. Problem is, he doesn't need to sit there. He "stalls"
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Re: US vs RU jets

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SU57 is better than F35 by a mile, because it turns faster. So you just go up and then come back down at him with machineguns or lockons - doesn't matter. It's the same as BFV, when they stall - they become a sitting duck and easy to kill.

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Re: US vs RU jets

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When the F-35E goes VTOL in the middle of a dogfight, pull straight up, back in the opposite direction (behind them). That way you avoid flying in front of them and getting locked. Then, loop back around toward the location where you saw him last. The F-35E will either be:


  1. Still in VTOL, looking for you, easy target, gun him down
  2. Still in VTOL, trying to point his nose up toward you, and about to crash
  3. Getting out of VTOL, flying away, chase him again, you are still behind him
  4. Getting out of VTOL, flying toward you, then you engage again
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Re: US vs RU jets

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@Man_ILoveFishingOut side of the orignal suprise, the VTOL mode is more of a huge risk to take.
I think that a good enough RU pilot can turn so fast that they can be again behind the US jet before the US jet has hardly had the time to regain any speed.


There is a massive time lag (in a dogfight time scale) betwen engaging the VTOL and restarting regular flight.


In a BFV analogy, the F35 is the  Spitfire/P51D/ Corshair and the SU-57 is the G6/ Zero. I can imagine the really dedicated jet pilot players to outright quit if they are on the US team

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