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Trello Tracker Explained

by spIash_damage

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Trello Tracker Explained

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Trello Tracker URL:


Trello Screenshot.jpg




For those who don't know:


Trello Tracker is the platform developers will use to communicate their changes to the community as well as acknowledge community concerns/investigate issues reported. The issues are being updated on a weekly basis and not all issues are shown (such as balancing).  






How does it work?

Acknowledged issues are broken down to four categories: Quality of Life, General Bugs, Tuning, and Upcoming Patch. 



QOL: these issues are suggested to improve the gaming experience but not necessary for game functionality.


Bugs: these issues are traditionally known as bugs or glitches that do hinder the game's functionality and if proven, need correction to improve game functionality.


Tuning: these issues are acknowledged concerns that are currently being investigated by the dev team and if proven/corrected would improve game functionality.


Upcoming Patch: these issues have been investigated and deemed necessary to improve the game; changes are inbound and an ETA will be listed.






Issues are color coded for quick reference (please note that RED topics are those in need of community help):

Color Coding.jpg






To check an issue's details, simply click on the topic title:


Expanded Topic Screenshot.jpg


Any information/details regading the issue(s) as well as plans to remedy them will be displayed in this popup window. 

Description is (obviously) an explanation of the topic title.  As the issues are investigated and statuses change, the Activity section will be updated.  






Community Voting:


As per the Tracker Board FAQ's, the community will be able to vote on some topics!  To vote, simply register on Trello ( and click a topic to see whether the voting option is enabled on that particular topic:



This is a great chance to help further develop Battle For Neighborville.  Kudos to the team for the efforts in keeping us involved/updated!




Thanks to @GammaX6 for his post that made me aware of Trello Tracker!   I didn't know what the tracker was and this is my understanding of it, after researching a few minutes.  If I have anything listed incorrectly,Gamma (or anyone) please feel free to correct me.

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Re: Trello Tracker Explained

★★★ Apprentice

I check the trello board like every couple hours everyday, after the lawn of doom update there isn't much update on the board.

@EA_David please let the devs know we are still waiting for further update and still want some transparency. 

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Re: Trello Tracker Explained


It would also be nice to enable voting on some topics even if the results don’t determine devs decisions.

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Re: Trello Tracker Explained

★★★ Apprentice

Still waiting for any update on the trello....


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Re: Trello Tracker Explained

★★ Guide

Try using ChangeTower. After subscribing, you can add the PvZ:BFN Trello's URL to monitor it for any changes. The free account in there allows you to check for changes every 12 hours. You will receive emails if any differences were detected between each check.


If you're not satisfied with it, you can check for alternatives here.

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Re: Trello Tracker Explained

★★★ Apprentice
@GammaX6 Thanks for the tips, however I think I'll only check it after lives right now. They don't feel like sharing any information anywhere other than lives.
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