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Transferring Progress to Another Computer

by Mr_Lasagna198

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Transferring Progress to Another Computer

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Is there anyway to get my Spore worlds on another computer?


Attempting to directly copy the game into Steam on my new computer didn't work, so I had to create a Spore account and share my creations to download them on my new computer. But, I can't seem to figure out if it's possible to get all of my progress from one computer to the other. Any help? Thanks.

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Re: Transferring Progress to Another Computer

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I know this is a bit old but in order to get your saves transferred all you have to do is go to %appdata% (this will take you to C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming) and find the Spore folder. Then you need to copy that folder to something (in my case a USB) and transfer it to the same directory on your new computer. You should still have all your saves once you launch the game again! 🙂

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