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Re: Toxicity already... sigh...

by EA_Roger

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Re: Toxicity already... sigh...

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@Comixfan, sorry about your experience on this. A lot of our players have been giving us feedback on this across all of our games and it is something we want to fight however we'll need your help. Check out this page for some details:

@TehSeamsy wrote:

It's part of gaming culture, scrub.

It's not a part of gaming culture and it's not a part of our forum culture either I sent you a message on this.

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Re: Toxicity already... sigh...

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What "Baffles" me is that people somehow already think they know everything about a game that's only been out a couple of days and the fact that there is no recent players list to actually report said toxic players. How can you expect to combat toxicity with such a horrendous reporting set up?

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Re: Toxicity already... sigh...

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@bumbertyr True! Ban those scrubs!
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Re: Toxicity already... sigh...

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@bumbertyr You can report them after the match has ended and you're looking at the scoreboard.

Yet I see the mediocre toxic individual as highly motivated to win. The only ones that need reporting or banning are the belligerent or racist ones imo.
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