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Re: Toxic community it's own worst enemy

by EA_Darko

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Re: Toxic community it's own worst enemy

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LOL @ the kids picking on the OP for being toxic. 

Do you even know what that means?


The OP pointed out a legitimate issue, and provided reasons why that issue is a problem.

It was actually a decent post.


I suspect all the whiny kiddies who are trying to troll him now are those exact whiny, toxic people he was referring to.


When I read posts like "Fix your dumpsterfire trash game"  I don't even read them.  Why bother?  You know the poster is going to be a toxic little *, and their opionion basically worthless.

I would think that if I was a Dev, I would do that too, so most of those posts will never get read by a dev.  Why would they?  They're useless.

There are many posts that point out legitimate issues, with legitimate options for a solution.  Those are the posts the Devs are interested in.  


If you're one of those toxic tools, you're really just wasting your time writing those posts, and the OP is right.  


If you want to effect change in Anthem, try being someone that the Devs might actually want to listen to.  Otherwise you are exactly what the OP was referring to, just a whiner looking for validation. 

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Re: Toxic community it's own worst enemy

Community Manager

I've locked this thread.

At this stage, it is unconstructive and going around in circles. If you are unable to post without being unkind then we would ask that you not post.


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