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Too little, too late

by llCLICKll

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Too little, too late

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Just watched the official stream update and it's clear that BioWare are still unable to listen to the playerbase. Yes, I'm happy that some of the mountain of bugs are finally getting fixed... almost 1 month after Anthem's release. Yes, a lot of the changes are for the better and will improve the game. However, the biggest and most glaring issue with Anthem is the lacking endgame and its messed up loot system. This is the #1 reason why players have been leaving Anthem in droves. There is simply nothing to do once you've beaten the story quests, other than to grind for "godrolls." 


Players have begged you to increase the droprate. What does BioWare do? Fix the random, crappy stats on items instead. Now they are finally taking out white and green drops from GM1+, which is obviously a good thing, but the main problem has still not been addressed. We wanted loot explosions, BioWare doesn't want to give its customers loot explosions. We don't need you to keep "monitoring" the loot system. We need you to increase droprates and do it asap. 


Anyway, I've had fun with this game but will not be playing beyond the month's subscription of Origin Access Premier. If EA and BioWare's plan was to make Anthem a 1-month rental game, congrats, they've succeeded. I feel bad for anyone that bought this game for full retail price. By the time BioWare finally makes this game worth buying (maybe in another 4-5 months), the majority of the playerbase won't be around to play it. I truly do hope this game succeeds, but it seems like BioWare is not capable of delivering what their customers want.

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