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Re: To my fellow interceptors...


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To my fellow interceptors...

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★ Apprentice

Well met, freelancers!


I was scrolling through the Interceptor forums in hope to find a build discussion and when I instead encountered all of the gloomy negative posts about the interceptor I thought I'd start my own discussion - starting with some tips for you guys feeling dissatisfied with the interceptor. Hopefully these tips will make the interceptor a little bit more fun to play!


First of all - I am not a pro by any means. My gear as I am writing this is at 454 and I usually farm at G1 but sometimes my squad do missions on G2. Keep this in mind when reading!


At first when I started playing I was only sure of one thing - I would not play the interceptor. Squishy melee assassin type has never been my cup of tea and all other javelins were valid choices when it came down to choosing a main except the interceptor in particular. It was not until I already got to around 26-28 (it was my last javelin) that I tried it out - just for fun. Surprisingly - I fell in love with it. Everything about the interceptor felt amazing for me; The mark (Z) is always a great support for myself and my team mates regardless of situation and the gameplay actually felt great and engaging. I have not had the issue of dying much - which seems to be a common issue for interceptor players - I actually die a lot more when I am playing Storm.


When I read the posts you guys have written, I feel like you're trying to play a colossus. If you want to stand in melee and just spam one key - play colossus. Equip a flamethrower and Lightning Coil and you'll combo everything to death while being tanky enough survive most things until some armor (HP) drops. Worst case scenario you just have to press CTRL to soak almost any incoming damage.


The interceptor, from my experience, should not be played like that. The interceptor-style that I have chosen is the most classic assassin you could think of - I go for the priority targets that pose a threat to my team mates such as: towers, snipers and destroyers. I never engage mobs like enforcers, but instead I support my team mates from a distance with grenades and marks while using either of my guns. Enemies like the bandit valkyrs (storms) are approaced with caution - since am currently playing with a controller (due to the keyboard / mouse input delays) engaging flying enemies is very difficult (because I am a pleb with controller, okay Frown ) so I usually shoot them down from a distance before engaging.


So - this is the build I am running with:


Q - Serpent's Veil (Masterwork venom bomb)
E - Sudden Death (Masterwork Tempest Strike)
Z - Target Beacon
Components: Melee Inscription* (DPS) - Vengeance Matrix (tankiness) - Way of Intergration* (stat stick) - Talisman of Power (DPS) - Way of the Swift (DPS / Stat stick) - Double-Edged Inscription (DPS)

* marked components are very replaceable and not considered core. The melee damage is, as many already pointed out, pretty weak and I mainly spam V to CC my targeted mob until my combo is back up. As for ToP and WotS - they got the same legendary flavor text and I am unsure of whenever they stack so I use WotS mainly as a stat stick.

I am also running with a Papa Pump (shotgun with damage increase after reload) - however on G1 I do not use the reload passive before engaging any non-boss mobs - and Divine Vengeance (for long range poking).


The standard combo for taking out any kind of VIP mob that I mentioned above (including legendaries) is following: Mark > Q > E > V ... This takes down most mobs quickly, allowing you to re-position and look for your next target. If they do not die within one combo I keep melee hitting (for the CC) until my combo is up again UNLESS I am tanking something dangerous in which case I'll retreat until the combo Q > E is ready again. One very important thing about this build is that Sudden Death is working well with Serpent's Veil because of it's Masterwork passive - the Sudden Death passive is a fire explosion trigger whenever you damage an enemy with said ability, which triggers a combo with Serpent's Veil's acid damage resulting in A LOT of burst damage VERY quickly. You will probably not be able to oneshot elites on G1 until you at least have Sudden Death (aka. Masterwork Tempest Strike) - but the regular venom bomb works just fine (infact, the masterwork bonus is kinda crap). For hovering mobs, like the dangerous valkyries, shooting down their shield from a safe distance may be the better option before engaging the combo, depending on the situation. If you do not have Sudden Death, then I recommend using Cariff's Talon (or the non Masterwork-version Sparking Spear) to trigger the explosion. Do note that this not nearly as effective as Sudden Death, but it might be better than using the regular Tempest Strike. Try them both and see which one you prefer!


I use my ultimate mainly to kill big hordes of mobs or to shred down enforcers. On occasions, I'll use it to ress dead team mates, but you rarely need immortality to ress someone unless they're right underneath a boss (in which case a colossus might be better suited ((no pun intended)) to ress).

EDIT: and of course I forgot asking the question I was here to ask: to those of you who feel satisfied with the interceptor - what build do you run? Do you have any fancy combos or particular playstyle you want to share? :D 

EDIT 2: Nvm the part about ToP and WotS being the same - I suddenly learned how to read. They are just mirrored (one increase damage on Q when you activate E and the other one increase damage on E when using Q). That makes both of them very good so imma keep them as "mandatory" for now :D 

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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

★★★★★ Novice

I was running same as you but now and then switch Venom bomb up for Cryo Glaive as being able to freeze a big bad can be handy. For something different right now im trying out Detonating Strike and Spark Dash add in + electricity dmg and its pretty fun, however not sure if it will be viable in GM1+ scenarios think for that the Vbomb + Tempest is still the best bet.

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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

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★★★★★ Novice

Sorry for my Broken english <3. I love my Interceptor.

I cant remember the item names but i will try to give a clue how i play.


I Play Acid / Melee actualy. Its great fun. Im far from good equipment. Like 460/ish.

MW-Venom Bomb- > Melee Kill --> buff.

Dash -> melee buff.

1-2 Shots with that autobistol for another 100% melee and weapon damage.


i usale dash to the next big grp. use acid spray thats does now around 20k aoe damage. bomb again and mark a heavy target and melee that big taget down.

Cause of around 200++ % melee buff and the Acid debuff + aura the damage is very nice.

Like 1600-4500 melee hit and sometimes more + the 700-1200 acid dmg over time. If the buff runs out just jump, dash, bomb, and dive into a combo to finish or float to use your gun / weapon to finish it are just get the melee bug again for the next targets. 

The CD's are very short, so you can do that just without a downtime.

GM1 is very easy now and since every melee kill restores 20% Armor you dont die that fast.

Will try GM2 Soon.

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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

★★★★★ Guide

Personally find the dash attack in then the venom spray to be my most effective build.. unfortunately the lack of damage and paper like armor doesn't always back up my play style..

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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

★★★★ Apprentice

I'm running cryo glaive>tempest strike>(combo proc)>(aura ice spread with melee + dashing) for pretty strong cc and I only tend to get melted when I get so far away from the group that I'm the only target... the rest of the time the speed and not being where they are shooting helps wonders -.-  I can understand people who were expecting to run melee dps as a stand and fight but the interceptor is definitely the fencing class the deals rapid strikes and dances away.  The frost spread of my build allows for more of the stand and fight by spreading the freeze but I still don't stay tied to one area for long or the crawling ground bombs come and hug me.  Those aren't the kind of hugs I'm looking for 

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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

★ Guide

Main concern for interceptor is non-ability-melee scaling. Even with all possible melee buffs, you still will get job done much faster by obliterating their faces with Unending Battle at pointblank, rather than with melee.

Sure, its still worth using Sudden Death and of course ultimate. But normal melee attacks are just meh...

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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

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★ Apprentice

Found MW version of detonating strike forgot name of it but it had 200% elemental damage on it ....which also affects the electric explosion after kill......does 50k + wide aoe its so goood

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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

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★★★★★ Novice

Updated guide:


Disclaimer: I run a VERY dynamic build requires LOTS of movement but is very flashy, running with a Storm and Colossus team with voice coms, on GM2 farm. This build will work on GM1 no problem and GM2 without coms but you have to target the same mobs as your other teammates. I have about 50 hours played of that around 45 hours on the Interceptor.




  • Primary UNEDING BATTLE - Gladiator's Wrath: Hitting an enemy at point-blank range increases weapon and melee damage by _% for _ seconds.
  • Secondary, ELEMENTAL RAGE - Veteran's Furor: Hitting Elite enemies increases all elemental damage by _% for _ seconds. Stacks to _.
  • still working it out currently testing RALNER'S BLAZE (ignites target) and THUNDERBOLT OF YVENIA (electric dmg % chance) and looking for something with a passive that works when not out.


  • RANERI'S CHARGE (RC) - Defeating an enemy recharges Spark Dash. Can occur once every _ seconds
  • CARIFF'S TALON (CT) - Instantly restores _% health after defeating an enemy. <<<<< I have this rolled with 100% gear charges for a total of 2 charges, that is why my rotation has a 2x CT prime in it


  • CONDUCTIVE LATTICE - Performing a small melee hit-streak (_) detonates an electric explosion.
  • WAY OF RESOLVE - Dashing increases melee damage by _% for _ seconds.
  • WAY OF INTEGRATION - Gear hit-streaks (_) increase all damage by _% for _ seconds.
  • WAY OF THE BOLD - Defeating an enemy with a melee restores _% armor.
  • TALISMAN OF POWER - Any _ hit increases _ damage by _% for _ seconds.
  • WAY OF THE SWIFT - Any _ hit increases _ damage by _% for _ seconds.



Beacon, RC in, machine pistol buff, prime with CT, melee detonate, prime CT again, keep melee. Dash out and charge back in, rinse and repeat. Keep buffs up as much as possible. You have to move a LOT. I will try to record some gameplay and update this post.


On GM1 most lower end enemies are dead before you CT 2nd time from the detonation of the 1st CT.




  • Know what each enemy type does and how to approach them this build works vs everything if you know when to dodge.
  • For now, I stack % elemental damage, shield, armor affixes, % dmg,
  • DO NOT get gun damage, you use the gun only to maintain the % buff to melee.
  • Try to time the CT so that it triggers on death
  • Avoid missing with abilities to keep triggering "Way of Integration" 

Let me know if you have any questions, I can provide detailed stats on the items later today, my current items have affixes that are far from ideal.

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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

★★★★★ Novice
my build is prety close to yours. It is tons of fun and shows that melee isnt that bad.
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Re: To my fellow interceptors...

★ Apprentice

tip: try vipers bite out for a quick fun ultimate build up.

1 get moar ultimate speed on stats !!

2 draw squishy mobs into packs

3 pop vipers bite for instant ultimate

4 use ultimate

5 rinse repeat for insanely fast ultimate build ups

6 /bouncedance all over the place laughing

7 solo gm2 with your INDORAPTOR! (READ: Interceptor !)



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