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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

by allentissot

Original Post

To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

★★★ Guide

Before you angrily put fingers to keys and create that next toxic post of "oh woe is me, you suck, why isn't this perfect, you suck" garbage, think really hard about the words that you will write.


Then, before you actually start typing, think about how people will feel when they read it - not about the post, but about you.


Do you really want to be known as a whiny, entitled brat who freaks out and insults people whenever you don't get your way?


Do you want people to view you as juvenile, immature, even childish?


Or  would you like to make an improvement to the game, and try to make the future of Anthem better for all players?


The Devs want to hear your feedback.  Let's face it: BioWare has been VERY responsive to the feedback they have received, and are working to get the game in perfect shape.  That's going to take time.  Maybe "everything should have been perfect at launch," but it isn't.  The one thing we all have in common is that we want that perfect game.


But no one is going to listen to someone who is just spouting hate and insults and making ridiculous demands.


I understand you spent your hard-earned money on Anthem.  So did I.  I understand that the game needs work.  I've been punted back to the xbox home screen on occasion.  When that happens, I don't log back in.  I go do something else.  Why continue to be frustrated?  Come back later, try again.


If you want this game to be the game you think it should have been at launch, by all means send in your feedback, report the bugs, send video clips and screenshots to show the problems.  Make suggestions about possible improvements.  Send in ideas for new content.  Make your requests.


Just try to do it in a mature and constructive way.


Otherwise, you just make yourself look like a whiny, entitled brat who expects to be given everything on a silver platter.


And no one - not even you - likes listening to a whiny little brat.

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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

★★★ Guide
Preach, lol. Well said and so true.
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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

★ Pro

@DrakenWolfe  I couldn't agree more and unfortunately we will continue to have to skim past the countless "this is what I get for 6 years developement?", "I didn't pay to be a beta tester!", and "How come (insert game title) has this and you don't?" posts.


Sadly, the same people that make those statements lack the common courtesy to do so. I often think it's merely a generation gap along with the, "I have to have it now" mentality in our digital age that invokes a lot of this, "but Jimmy has it, why can't I?" sense of entitlement that is ruining our community and often society as a whole.



Maybe someone will see your post and look back on their previous threads and think, "Yeah, Ok... I definitely could have approached that better." We can only hope Thinking

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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

★★★ Guide



If even one person changes the way they write in these forums because of my post, I'd be ecstatic. Standard smile

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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

★★★★ Novice

But... the game does suck... and it should be compared to games in the same genre... Look, I get it! You're an Anthem fanboy... I was too, before I actually played it. The game is really broken. And there are so many things wrong with it... that it will likely take MONTHS to fix. And in that time... people will migrate to other games. Making Anthem obsolete... and a waste of time to sink any major $$$ into fixing. I'm sure the heads at EA and Bioware have already taken this into consideration... it's probably why many of the problems in the game still haven't been addressed. 


1.) general replay value - the map just isn't that expansive or impressive for that matter. No matter what you're doing... be it a contract or free play... blah blah... it all feels the same. 


2.) "Strongholds"... If you're running anything other than Tyrants Maw over and over on Grandmaster 2 difficulty every day... you're doing it wrong. And that is a major problem! 


3.) Masterworks and Legendary Items... they just aren't that great. The fact that you can literally roll a Legendary Item... that's worse than a Masterwork item... is absolutely absurd. 


4.) Connection problem/server issues... this is unacceptable from a company like EA/Bioware. They've done this before... 


I could go on and list half a dozen more specific problems... but like the majority of people who have played this game... I honestly just don't care anymore. The game is a complete disaster... and the people who worked on it, and developed it should all be fired. They should be chased out of game development... and never hired on for another project of this magnitude... because they really dropped the ball here. 

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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

★ Guide

@Grimiz99 wrote:

They should be chased out of game development... and never hired on for another project of this magnitude... because they really dropped the ball here. 

Absolutes FTW?


I mean seriously.  Why not simply start screaming, "Somebody get a rope?!"

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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

★★★ Guide

Though I agree with some of that, some is also not exactly correct. However, the next update is going to be fixing most of the things you just said there. And the updates next month are going to have a ton of new content in all game types, as well as adding more to character progression. So I'm sure most of the people that left due to lack of variety and progression will be returning as well. It's been a rough start, for sure, but is still just the start...
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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

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[Edit - Admin.].

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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

★ Guide

You sound like a whiney little brat while calling others whiney little brats. Complaining about others that are complaining and calling them childish and immature because they complain. Did YOU think before you typed?

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Re: To all the Haters and Negativ-ators

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★★★ Guide

@allentissotnot sure if you meant me or the op by that, but either way:

Ive got plenty to complain about, actually. And I'm not saying I didn't feel let down or that the game doesn't have several major issues, either, because it does. But I am not and do not talk like I'm entitled to anything, because I'm not. I'm being as objective as possible with my statements, not name calling others for theirs I disagree with, which is exactly what the op was talking about...

But like i said, I read the update notes and the list of other upcoming things, and pretty much all of those complaints I had will be fixed by them. They're staying on top of fixes so far, so I'm being patient and waiting to see how it goes from there.

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