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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

by Koochi-Q

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Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

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Yesterday I equalled my all-time single game kill count with ... 8. The thing is, during the entire game (which we won) we only encountered four other squads, they were all duos (this was trios) and I killed each and every one of them (got the pred badge for Fusey so there was that). My TMs were decent but ended up with 0 kills between them (and less damage than me combined).


Also yesterday I had a TM get 20 kills in the game. They were a Bang (wasn't @DarthValtrex lol) and spent the entire game running at full pace, bumping into enemy squad after enemy squad. Me and Mirage were just there as support. My observations were as follows:


1 - They weren't playing to win. They were just pushing and pushing and trying to kill as many people as possible. They got knocked twice, and had to rely on their TMs to revive them.

2 - They bossed us around, constantly. We had no say in what happened.

3 - They didn't win the game - I did. When it was Us v Them the enemy squad had camped in a tight corner within the Phase Bubble. I spammed them with the KC and 'nades, wiping 400 in damage as Bang was running around eliminating them).


I ended up with a massive 1 kill but 7 assists and 900 damage. Bang, 20 kills and 3,750 damage.


So my point is - to get 20 bombs and your 4k badge do have to be a selfish a$$hole?


I prefer to play as a team and go for the win. Should I worry that I've yet to breach double figures in single game kill count?

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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

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@OldAndKnackered For 20... You either have to be a selfish/kind but authoritarian/extremely skilled or lucky * or play with friend(s).

Thing is, if you’re not going for 20 killz and you are 10 kills away and there’s still 6-10 squads left, I think most ppl wouldn’t not try to go for the badge. So from that point on, that person will likely be demanding which is actually granted in my book. If you have the mindset from the beginning to go for it then you’re likely gonna be a * because you’ll have a reckless disregard for your team as you have to be quick like Sonic.

In friend situation you can just be a * cause they are your friends but they know the importance.

For 10+ games? nahhh those are fairly easy to get even if you don’t push everything that moves
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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

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@OldAndKnackered Well to get 20 bombs you don't have time to think about your teammates. You don't even have time to loot properly, you must keep going to the next enemy team non stop. Also to get 20 kills you need to hot drop and get at least 3 kills right at the start, otherwise it'd be pretty hard to do it. If someone manages to get 20 kills it's highly possibile that he'll also win the game because he's a very good player but still, he can fail it.

To sum it up, you can't pretend from a guy that is going for 20 bombs to play like a team, which means staying at their pace, looting all you need, thinking twice before going in a fight. You just don't have time to do all these things. So yeah it doesn't mean necessarily that you're an a$...le if you play for the 20 kills: it's that objective that obliges you to play selfishly. It can happen though, so it may be the case you mentioned.

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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

@OldAndKnackered Think about what 20 kills is. 1/3 of the lobby. So yeah you have to drop hot, get some luck and then run to every fight as fast as you can without worrying about teammates. You definately are not worried about winning. And you have to do this hundreds if not thousands of times, failing every one before you get that one magical game.

Or you have 2 really good friends who set you up to get kills by weakening everyone......
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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

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@OldAndKnackered There is no match, winning, team mates or anything else, just tunnel vision for your next kill, left mouse and w key.

Shout at your team mates when you're down mercilessly to revive you and don't hesitate as you are the cap-a-tain! They are just snivelling dogs there to soak bullets, take your abuse and pick you up when things go south. Kill, armour swap, kill, armour swap, get enough for another fight super fast and RUN to the sound of gunfire like a fly to a bright light!

You'll very likely die lots of times but that light will be the end of the tunnel eventually.
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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

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Must agree with the guys above, i soloqued to masters this season for the first time(console) and now waiting for split i'm running for those 4k and 20 kill badges, 4k dosnt seem that hard at all just need luck for lobby not to die out had multiple games on 3.9k xd but 20 is much rarer since 99% of games i play until i wipe out 7-10 kills it's 2-3 squads left and then i end game with 12-16 kills. Had a game with 17 kills 3.5k damage 4 squads left and final ring closing and some rat was standing in a corner which i passed didnt check the corner and got wiped clean hahaha harder pill to swallow then going -200 when you're 10 rp until masters xD hahaha.


But yea all my super high kill games and big damage ones are super selfish just run and kill. Even when you're super sonic fast until the first zone there is like 15 people left in 99% of lobbies...

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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

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It’s fun but doesn’t really matter to me?  Having said that at least pick a Killy character, maybe durable too.  When I want kills I typically take Caustic, Gibs or maybe Bang

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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?


Rambo smart.  


This is the one and only piece of advice you will ever need. Tongue out

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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

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@OldAndKnackered Last I managed to get 17 kills I was playing normally except my aim was actually kinda decent. I was melting people so third parties wasn't a big issue. Only got 2nd place though cause my teammates died half way along the match and had to fend off 2 teams. So no you don't have to be selfish. You just gotta be really good.
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Re: Tips for a high kill count (or doesn't it matter) ?

@OldAndKnackered Are you just trying to get a 20 bomb?

If you just want a 20 bomb you might consider switching to duos and using the no fill option. You won't have to share kills with someone. But if you can't 1vs2 enemies this method will be an extreme struggle. You also have to use high DPS guns that can drop people quickly (no snipers). I typically run a 99 and volt or a 99 flatline. The reason you want high DPS guns, you need to drop the enemies as quickly as possible to reduce the damage you take. Armor swapping is absolutely vital when you're trying to fight people 1vs3 and 1vs2. Dropping that purple armor for a white

You might also team up with a friend and see if they will let you do most of the fighting. This might be your best bet, because if you get into trouble they can help. If that's what you're going to do you might look for a LL main who can pop off revives for you if you get knocked. When I have gone for triple triples it typically starts out with me getting 2 squad wipes in the first round or two. I then ask my teammates to let me attempt to 1vs3 the next squad we bump into. If they see me about to go down, then get involved.

I know what you mean though, I have had rounds in which I killed everyone I saw there was no way I was going to break 10 kills because we saw no other squads.

One of the things I like to do, when I drop to a hot location like Bonsai and get 5-7 kills in the first round. I instantly rotate to Turbine. Turbine is a cross section of the map and you'll typically bump into another squad or two there. Sometimes you'll bump into 3 or more. If no one is there I go straight to the waterfall/hammond as that tends to be another hot location mid game depending on ring.

Yet even when I do those things I often struggle to break 12 kills because I just don't see enough enemies.

You really want to drop too hot or semi hot locations that are near choke points and high traffic areas on the map. Kill who ever lands with you at your drop then rotate into the high traffic area immediately and take the best positioning for that area.

My highest kill game outside of an LTM is around 12. I've had a handful of 14-15 kill games in LTM's

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