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Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

by EA_David

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

★★ Guide
In almost all my games I notice new players make the same set of mistakes over and over which usually costs us the match, so here's some tips that'll hopefully help someone be a better contributor to the team instead of the guy that solo drops and dies two seconds after landing.

*Don't play music or have loud televisions on when you're playing, you can hear enemy movements if you pay attention which can save yourself or your team's lives even.

*You can move while downed and even open or close doors, so if you get downed during a firefight and the enemy isn't able to finish you off take the opportunity to find a building or even a rock to hide behind so any teammates nearby can try to revive you without getting shot in the process.

*Don't overextend from your team, specially at the beginning when you're still looking for weapons and armour. If you overextend there's a good chance you'll get killed and have to start all over again.

*When looting be sure to leave things for your teammates as well, if you open a crate and find two weapons don't just grab both and leave your team unarmed, also ping gear they might need like armour and helmets, you can see what they don't have by opening up your inventory screen and it helps slot to have everyone geared up before you engage the enemy.

*If you're playing someone like Bangalore or Caustic and are trying to retreat, loot or revive a ally use your tactical abilities to obscure enemy vision and reduce your chance of getting shot in the back.

*If you see a enemy don't immediately open fire, ping them and check the surroundings because there's a good chance their friends are nearly so even if you manage to down someone most likely their team would come in, kill you and revive their teammate.

*Learn how the weapons fire by using the training range so you don't use the wrong weapon in the wrong situation, the Havoc and Devotion weapons will almost certainly get you killed in a close quarters situation because of their long charge up times unless you're lucky enough to get a gold tier attachment that reduces the charge time.

*If you're killed don't immediately leave the game, your teammates might try to get your respawn beacon and revive you and when you leave you're putting them at a disadvantage numbers wise, this is a team game and having that extra gun could make all the difference in a team fight.
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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

  • You can drop decoys as mirage while you are still on the dropship! They will not be visible for you on screen, but when you then drop yourself you will see them!
  • As mirage, you can create decoys while on ziplines. Also when there is a little obstacle, jump and press the decoy, then the decoy will be launched over the obstancle
  • As Bloodhound, you can ping the clues you find on the map so your team mates can now about it!
  • When you are downed, try to get behind a door, because you can still open and close doors. This will make it more annoying for the enemies to get to you and gives you a slightly higher chance to not be finished!




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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

I've got another set of Mirage tips! These are for his tactical ability only.

  • Only activate the decoy (tactical) when the enemy cannot see you. For example: from behind cover
  • If your decoy is shot from an enemy, you see their position for a brief period of time. Teammates can see this too.
  • Decoys will activate the gas traps of caustic, also revealing his position.
  • Sending your decoys into thermite grenades will also reveal the position of the enemy
  • You can send your decoy over a small obstacle by jumping and activating the tactical ability.
  • If you slide, your decoy will slide too. Makes it harder to distinguish between you and the decoy.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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★★★★★ Apprentice

If you open your inventory you can ping an empty gun slot to say you need a gun, you can ping a gun to say you need ammo for that gun, if you go to the bottom you can ping a backpack, knock down shield, armor, or helmet to say that you need one, if you look at the bottom left of your inventory you can see your squad's equipped items, if you open up your healing items menu you can ping an empty shield battery or a med kit slot to say you need healing items, and you can ping an empty weapon attachment slot to say that you need that attachment.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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You can share ammo without dropping your whole stack by left clicking the ammo in your inventory.
(Took me way too long before figuring it out)

Always take the high ground, You have more % to get headshots and it's harder to aim up then it is downwards.
Take that little advantage Embarrassed


Want to improve?
Blame yourself, sounds maybe odd but watching your own replays could let you learn from your mistakes.


The Mozambique is not that bad.
Mozambique shines in close combat with a lot of walls and small entrances.
Because of it's high fire rate and low - medium damage it destroys other players when you are slippery.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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@Zeelmaekers wrote:

At at beginning of the last fight ?


Trow grenades from cover, this will weaken the enemy and make them panic.

When they are in cover jump on them and go for a easy clean up.

A sweet victory, a bit of a dirty play but it works. Embarrassed


This sort of tactic is exactly why camping towards the end of the game when you up against experienced squads does not work you're better off trying to engage other squads round cover so you have the possibility of flanking them then all hiding in one building especially if you're using Heroes with mobility

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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how do you bust doors in on PS4

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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Punch or kick them.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

★★ Guide

As Pathfinder:


- When your team engaging fight, look for option to flank the enemy. A good grapple can bring you behind them before they even notice it.

- When revive your teammate, use zipline back to the place your team die ( provided that the place is clear) it helps them retrieve back their equipment easily

- If your team has Pathfinder, it's a good idea to let him lead the way. Usually, a good pathfinder will bring you to the best spot of the circle.

- It's not necessary to stick closely with your squad, use grapple/zipline to gain gain higher view and spot enemies for them.


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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

★★★★ Novice

Good, useful tips! Thank You!

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