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Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

by EA_David

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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I was excited when A:L came out but I'm really struggling here. About 20 hours of play, Lvl 17, and still zero kills/zero damage. I'm not even hitting anything when I do shoot (that's assuming that I can find a weapon before getting smoked). When I get attacked the enemies are moving too fast or are too far away for me to see. I just hide under sh*t to get high survival times. Is this how it's meant to be for players up to this point? I see YT videos with players lower than me getting double digit kills. Any help/tips would be appreciated before I move on to something else.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.



Strafe walking while shooting can help you win gun fight.

Press D then press A then press D again and just repeat.

This will make you harder to hit and it's not hard to correct your aim.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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I was also struggling to even hit people in the beggining, because Apex is first FPS game I ever tried. Found alot of info how to improve my game play on youtube and spreadsheets. Figuring out gun patterns was a game changer for me. Simply try out all guns at training instance, it did help me after few hours of practising.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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Im having the same issue im use to getting kills in any fps or tps. It’s a very difficult curve to try to overcome. 

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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Tip: Press middle mouse to spot items, hold to open the well, double click to spot a enemy position

Tip2: If you hear a spot look at the map and around, it will show exactly where it was spoted.

Tip3: spot first shot later. Because even if you get outgunned your squad will know where to look for.



If you do that you will improve 200% without any training. "Information is power" yet people forget that knowing where enemies are is HUGE. It allows flanking, it allows to cover fire, it gives something to your squad to play with.

I know that many people want to be the kill leader and all, but a ping giving the information for the team can save the day. in case you suddenly potato aim.

Tip4: Most of times a ping is better than the use of voice, why? because often people say the direction but forget that there's buildings, walls, rocks, the devil in that direction.
A ping can show me that the enemy is in the building to the left in the second floor middle window. And is faster than saying all that.


PS: The ping system of this game is fantastic, Respawn did a amazing job at it but Respawn REALLY need to push the ping system and have a tutorial only for the usage of that.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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If you really have no kills after 20 hours, you really need to spend some serious time in training. Choose a gun and shoot it until you can hit most of your bullets of the clip into any target at max fire rate. If you're having trouble doing that on at least mid-range targets after a few hours, then you're probably playing at wrong mouse sensitivity (way too high, or, less commonly way too low - there are plenty of guides there to find what actually works for you). Then go play the game with just that gun.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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The most important part of any shooter is sound. Get yourself a good headset an turn that volume up.


When you can hear the exact location of anyobe with in 40 feet of you it will give you much more time to react, prepare, and flank or catch your enemy off gaurd.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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The training area is kinda garbage, if hitting everything in there would translate to hitting in an actual game, I'd be a pro. I wish.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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Is this your first FPS game? If so, there are some general tips I can give.


If you're used to FPS games but can't hit anything in AL, then that's a little trickier. It would depend on what other FPS games you're used to playing, because your muscle memory will be trained differently.


If you toss a reply back here with the info above I'll write out some tips - not sure if this is a dead thread or not though.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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Tip for pathfinders ,when using your hookshot jump just 1 second before it connects to the target area , this will do a huge leap launch great to go over builds/cover area around the map.This works because when you hook connect you were still moving on air so it pulls you up 

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