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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

by chuv13

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

Here are some general tips/tricks/knowledge



  • Named areas on the map can be either Low, Mid or High tier loot zones. A certain area doesn't necessarily have to be 1 tier every single time, but it seems to be a game of chance. 
  • There are zones that are more probably to be higher tier zones. Check out this neat map website to find those areas:
  • The blue zone that you see on the map when in the dropship is the only zone you can be sure about to have it an above HIGH tier lootzone.
  • Better gear and attachments have a higher chance to drop in High tier lootzones, but wingman/peacekeeper have a higher chance to drop in mid tier zones.
  • There are certain spots in Kings Canyon where there is a very high chance to spawn good stuff, such as the middle of the pit and the middle of the circle in Thunderdome. You can often find blue or purple armor here.
  • Ping whatever can be helpful for the team that you do not use. In the start, even extended mags level 1 can give your teammates an advantage.


  • If you through a grenade straight up in the air, it will always explode exactly when it touches the ground.
  • You can heal if you slide down hills.
  • Healing while standing against a close door will give you a bit more time to finish the heal before an enemy can break through.
  • Use the 'I will go here' when dropping from the dropship to let your team know that you are going to loot that location.
  • Traveling longer on the dropship and moving straighter down seems to be faster now than dropping earlier and moving more horizontal.


  • Stocks for weapons will reduce the swap time for that weapon and will not make it more accurate.
  • Barrel stabilizers will reduce the recoil and make the weapon easier to control. The gold one also reduces muzzle flash.
  • Shotgun bolts do not change the recoil but increase the firing rate of the shotgun.
  • The first shot of many weapons is very accurate, even when firing from the hip.
  • Level 2 and Level 3 magazines also give a reduction in reload speed.


  • Scan the survey beacons just as the ring has closed in and you have moved into the next phase. This allows you to see one circle further.
  • You can scan the same survey beacon multiple times. You must wait until the current green circle is gone and you can scan again.
  • The grapple can attach to ziplines as well - if you do not detach, you will automatically connect to the zipline and ride it.
  • To cover more ground with the grapple, run and grapple a point in front above you. Then once it connects, look left or right. Your character will then go to the left or right a bit and you miss the original grapple point, making you detach and fly 10000km through the air.
  • You can stop the grapple at any point by pressing the crouch button.
  • If you move the mouse and continue adjusting the viewer during the connection time of the grapple, you will spin around the original point, allowing you to grapple, turn 180 degrees and fly back to your starting point.
  • In skull town, connect the grapple to the skeleton and see how easy it is to find cover or catapult yourself somewhere else.
  • If you do a good grapple and fly through the air, you can also start healing/shielding. That way, you are almost done with the healing once you touch the ground.
  • You can grapple enemies (just in case you didn't know!)


  • The hints you see on screen can be pinged to your teammates.
  • You can ping the hints even if you are not close to them by looking through a scope


That is it for now!


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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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2. When knocked down, lurk close to a trap, that will prevent others from pressing 'e' to finish you off since the trap will detonate and cause damage to them.


3. Caustic can see enemies through his gas as long as they are inside the smoke and taking damage. Much like how digital threat works. Be careful though, the gas affects the vision of teammates and enemies alike. No damage for teammates.


4. Traps can be used to block entrances. My personal favorite is placing them on blind corners to cover our rear laying a trap for an incoming enemy.



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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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Good post.

Thanks a lot!!!

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

dont fire on an enemy when they have a fair angle to fire back at you. always have the advantage on the angle when firing.

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Re: Tips, Tricks and cool stuff.

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@mozambiquepewpew wrote:

dont fire on an enemy when they have a fair angle to fire back at you. always have the advantage on the angle when firing.

F no


Strafe jumps in their face while lazering them at close range all day.

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