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Timed Car Events - Another way for players to get access to DLC cars.

by jessie7839

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Timed Car Events - Another way for players to get access to DLC cars.

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Hi, I wanted to suggest a way for players to be able to get their hands on DLC cars without paying real money as well as point out the many benefits that can come with doing this similarly to a game that does this. That game being NFS No Limits. Yes, the mobile game that is ridden with microtransactions. In this game there were these timed car events that gave you a challenging way to get a car. You'd go about this by completing sets of races & challenges in the car you're trying to win. You could only do one set per day and this would go on for a week. You'd have to spend tokens you earned to upgrade the car as each set got more challenging. There were a lot of microtransaction schemes that essentially left you with little room for error unless you wanted to pay so that's were a part of the challenge came from. Despite the many unfair mechanics of that game, I did find myself engaged with these car events because I actually felt happy/excited when I did win a car or pissed off when I didn't. So with all that in mind, I'm suggesting that something similar to car events, but much more fair vein be added into NFS Heat when eventual DLC comes.


Because this game will be a live service, adding these events would almost certainly keep players coming back to play more and If you think about it, this would also allow all players who do take part in these car events to test out the DLC cars and in the event they lose or don't have time, could lead to them buying the car instead. So it's either time & effort or real money. All in all, I do think players would be happy with this for obvious reasons, but also for the challenge it provides (which I'd hope is pretty difficult), because I do miss working through challenges to get a cool reward and being ecstatic when I do or angered when I don't.         

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Re: Timed Car Events - Another way for players to get access to DLC cars.

@jessie7839 I used to play NFS No Limits before I quit. While I did enjoyed playing those limited-time special events in the past, I wouldn't want limited-time events to show up in NFS Heat.


I shouldn't have to set aside a certain time to play and get a car I want.


Life can get busy. And when that's the case, I wouldn't have time to play for weeks or months. Therefore, I would be missing out on these cars due to my busy schedule.

And once they are gone, no one knows when they are coming back or even if they are coming back.


What I would prefer is a set of challenges with no expiration date to get cars I want.

Like win 250 races or evade 500 pursuits for example.

Once these long challenges are complete, then the cars are ours. We don't have to worry about time running out to get these cars. We play the game at our own leisure and at our own pace to get these cars.

Need For Speed helper

I am not affiliated with EA in any way.

I have quit playing NFS No Limits. I will still be around to answer NFS No Limits questions.
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Re: Timed Car Events - Another way for players to get access to DLC cars.

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If they do something like the abandoned cars from payback I was hoping we could do something like it was in need for speed undercover where you steal a car and have to escape the police and then return it to your garage even if you had too pay for it in car packs or something I still think this would be fun

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