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Re: Thoughts on Disruptor & Hammerpoint rounds?

by EryxApex

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Thoughts on Disruptor & Hammerpoint rounds?

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What are people's thoughts on the new hop-ups?


I personally really love the idea behind these hop-ups, though unsure how much action the Hammerpoint rounds are going to see late game.


Never the less I am 100% going to be running around with the Alternator more seeing as it's getting a buff on top of this!


Would anyone be able to tell me how much extra damage the hop-ups are going to do? @EA_David @EA_Blueberry ?


Also what rarity will they be? We have a lot of purple ones already, I would be totally fine with these just being blue so it's easier to tell them apart.


Peace x

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Re: Thoughts on Disruptor & Hammerpoint rounds?

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★ Pro

Since we have more and more hop up, and when we ping them, they just say "I need a hop up" but don't say exactly what kind of hop-up.


The character need to explicitly say what kind of hop-up he's looking for (similiar to Banglore who describe the hopup she found) :


"I need hop-up for P2020"

"I need hop-up for select-fire"

"I need Disruptor hop-up"


And if he found it by himself or change weapon:

"I found the hop-up, I'm good now, dibs"

"I don't need the hopup anymore., don't worry about it"


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Re: Thoughts on Disruptor & Hammerpoint rounds?

★★★★ Guide

uhm.. You can see what they are requesting in the kill feed, top right...

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