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This game is officially the new H1Z1

by Renegade_Prime86

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This game is officially the new H1Z1

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I took a break for 2 weeks from the game, inside I said I will never play it again, but since I love it, I came back to it today and my love is gone, completely dead.


I knew what I am getting into when playing again, but I still had faith, I told myself self "Just be positive, and all is going to be good", but then... I played 5 games in pubs, bumped into cheaters 3 times.... in pubs..... The frustration came back fast, really fast, but I tried to calm my self down when that happened, I jumped over to ranked (I know, but that's what I do when the rotation reaches KC, I just can't play that map anymore) and today it was even worse than ever, maybe it was a series of bad luck, but the same thing all over and over again, getting lasered from 200m away with Havocs, select-fire prowlers, getting one tapped by hemlocks


I have never ever experienced this amount of cheaters like today and the biggest joke is, when you spectate them, they don't even hide it anymore like it's a normal thing, and they know they can get away with it.


In my third or fourth ranked game, I reached top 5, just to see that literally 3 teams are aim boting each other, then in my last game, I died to the door glitch, so I rage quitted what I never ever did


And the most shocking for me, I saw the discussion about pro players/streamers cheating, I never gave much thought about it to be fair, but yesterday I was watching my favorite streamer and he was using the flatline, which you don't really see him using, and what caught my eye, that the gun had no recoil, I swear like the recoil didn't even exist on the gun, I was like wtf, the bullets where perfectly flying in a straight line like laser and when he used the r99 same, what I never noticed because I didn't really care much, I'm not going to mention names who was it because it is pointless, and I am not accusing anybody with cheating but it is really strange that these so-called pros are handling the recoil the exact same way


My faith for this game is dead, I don't think it will live long


And the second thing is, the bugs, there are still bugs which are there since session 0.


Today I fully realized Respawn or EA doesn't matter to me which one, doesn't give a flying f**k about us


Thanks for reading


PS: Remove the feedback topic from the forum, because it is pointless, no problems where ever addressed by the developers, and if a post got a response, it was just the usual copy-paste BS

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Re: This game is officially the new H1Z1

@Renegade_Prime86 There have been cheaters since the first FPS game was released, I played the original R6 and aimbotting existed way back then too.

The problem is with the pathetic humans who cheat, not the company trying to counter those hackers. The game itself is great, you can't blame them, and if you think they aren't trying to stop hackers you are wrong. They do care about their game and player base.

The cheaters are the ones who don't give a flying rats behind, you got it backwards.
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Re: This game is officially the new H1Z1

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@Pure_Funk_Nugget That is true, but you can't attack those subhumans who use cheat and who make them so people, in times like this, try to put the blame on someone else. And ea/respawn is the best candidate for that. xD
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