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This game is an official joke now.

by unferth

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Re: This game is an official joke now.

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@BA2VGT wrote:

@BornToBeRetro wrote:

PC gaming isn't a joke... If you think people cannot cheat on console then you're out to lunch.

People can't cheat on console, other than any glitch a game has (see BF4 invisible glitch on certain maps, getting under floor etc) and use of aftermarket controllers. 


No current gen game is hacked.  You cannot hack a PS4/XB1 while online, it will instaban your system from the network.  This is the advantage of console. 



There is no wall hack, auto aim, or speed cheat on console.  Pretending that the hacky xim/controller with "no recoil" is anything remotely like a aimbot is a joke. Like I said...if it's such a problem on console why are only PC players crying and screaming about how dead the game is?


I accept my console won't have as good of graphics as a PC and I "have" to play with a controller. Accept that your PC is going to deliver a beautiful 4K 120HZ resolution, mouse and keyboard, and on basically every FPS ever cheater filled experience.  

[Removed - CM] Its for console... never knew about it until this thread... theres definitely cheats lol

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Re: This game is an official joke now.

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Sorry can't stop laughing.


Soft aim bot ^^

How to you detect a soft aim bot?


Is there a certain movement you can see strange patterns?

Or is the definition of a soft aim bot a player who hits his shots.


Properly a soft aim bot  ( also knows as aim assist?? )  exist in some extent.

But if you cannot detect it how do you know 15% of the people use it.


So if a guy kills you but not with only head shots its a soft aim bot now?


Please enlighten me.

I honestly want to learn how to spot a soft aim botter during spectating.


And good to know you made this game is a official joke now.

I din't even know it was an unofficial joke.

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Re: This game is an official joke now.

Community Manager

I'll be shutting down this topic due to the discussion and promotion of cheats. Please review our posting Rules & Guidelines to avoid a shut down of future discussions.


  • Promote or discuss activities that are against the EA User Agreement. This includes software piracy, "hacks", "torrents", game "cracks", and more. See that happening on the boards? Report it directly to EA.

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