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Re: This Is The Update?

by Fallast

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This Is The Update?

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So did two missions or contracts whatever they are called m to get the key.


Not a single legendary drop.


Did temple of the scar.  Again nit a single legendary drop.


all four of us had keys so we opened four chests.


i got one soft textile pattern.  Apparently just useless crafting stuff was the rest.


Absolutely terrible job.  No reason to play as still can’t get legendaries and apparently the Elysian chests aren’t giving crap.


himedltu don’t care what happens to ekeysian chests but I’m done unthinkable we can get legendaries.

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Re: This Is The Update?

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At least they got rid of that horrible loading screen on the Forge. That was a game killer right there.

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Re: This Is The Update?

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I see these posts everyday. Lets just give legs away from everything. Ive gotten lots of legendaries, ive added lots of people they've gotten legendaries. Its just really hard for me to believe that no one gets them. I went 2 to 3 days none then got 4 in one night. Tge biggest problem i see is people skip so many mobs. Strongholds skip to the next point, freeplay fly over and away from everything. Then the same people say i dont get any legs. 90% of my legendaries came from random mobs. Tyrant its always the digesters everyone flys by lol. Just kill stuff and have a good time you will eventually get them. 

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Re: This Is The Update?

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Lol so you expected that the update was going to make legendaries rain from the skies?


dont get me wrong i cant find legendaries either so its not like im super lucky myself, but that was never stated nor intended. theres just potentially MORE loot (potentially).


Your entire sample size for the update is......2 contracts and one stronghold.


Hell i just made a post like a day or two ago about getting my first legendary in 8 days. it sucks, i get it. but either give it a much larger chance than what amounts to what, 2 hours of playtime, or maybe just chill a bit and take a break while they decide on a loot pacing they feel comfortable with.

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