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Third partying

by lilbreezy308

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Third partying

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A lot of times I notice in the game that people might not have landed in the same area as my team but once all the fighting is done in the area and it seems as if no one is around people just show up ready to finish what another team already started. Me and some friends were talking about why it seems as if people love to third party us and even more teams after that. I think the distance in which sound travels in the game plays a major part to that. Not just trying to finish fights fast but like I said there will be people who land in a area other than where you landed and can hear all the gunfire and fighting in general going on in another area and will rotate just to third party and get easy kills. If the distance in which sound travels could be looked at I feel like it could really help with so many teams just showing up out of the blue that weren't even in the same area as you, as well as the other teams that originally landed with you. You're stuck in one spot most of the time fighting teams and people who hear the fighting from across the map just ratate over and by the time you're done fighting the teams that was there even more show up with more teams behind them. It's a bit chaotic at times. 

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Re: Third partying

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Yep, the sound has been an issue for a while. I think their "answer" to that issue is Legends now yell out when you're being third-partied.

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