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Think well before you ask for Ranked Solo

by D3loFF

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Think well before you ask for Ranked Solo

★★★★★ Apprentice

Few weeks ago I thought that Ranked Solo Mode would be great, but as I play more and more this new awesome mode I started to change my opinion on the matter.


Solo Mode at the current moment is completely non-engaging and you can just jump into it without depending on other people. Also it is great for different challenges and events, because you can achieve them fast and easy. This is a big advantage of this mode over others like Team Ranked which is not suited at all for making challenges, achievements and events.


If Ranked Solo is implemented in the future it might become a camp fest as it is now Team Ranked and this might ruin the good balance Solo has at the moment. But if the people from Respawn decide to still implement it then in Team Ranked players should earn double RP as team play should be rewarded more, obviously. Otherwise no one will play Team Ranked, right? Not to mention that the whole Ranked system needs some changes as discussed many times already.


Ranked Solo is a good concept, although I do not support it and if such thing is to be implemented in the future it has to be very well thought out, because we all know what will happen then - flooding the forums with complains as it has happened with many things already.



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