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The sims4

by Moon_Lotus482

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The sims4

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So this may seem like a silly question but I've looked every where and couldn't find the answer so here we go. ^_^ If i already had the access membership for the Sims 4 and bought all the expansions packs for the game and i decided to buy the game will i have to keep my membership in order to continue playing my already saved files and expansions? I would rather not have to drop more money on something i already have so any help would be welcomed thank you ^_^



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Re: The sims4

@Moon_Lotus482  Any content you buy outright is yours regardless of your subscription status.  The content that you get only because you've subscribed will disappear when the subscription ends.  So, for example, if you bough Origin Access Premier, you'd automatically have access to the Sims 4 Digital Deluxe, plus Dine Out and Kids' Room stuff.  Say you bought Seasons too, because you liked the pack.  When your sub ends, you'll keep Seasons but lose Dine Out and Kids' Room.


Keep in mind too that you'll need to own the base game as well to be able to use the packs.  If you don't own the base game when the sub ends, you'll lose access to the packs you've bought, but they'll still be yours, and if you buy the base game later, you'll get your packs back.


You can always keep your saves no matter what your subscription status is.  That data is on your computer, not in Origin, and you could even share a save with a friend if they wanted to play it using their own Origin account.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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