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The "not again" issue with duplicates

by SatheA

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The "not again" issue with duplicates

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After finishing the Champion of Tarsis challenge there is literally nothing left to do. No wonder, i played too much. So getting the last missing legendaries is all there is for now. All my javelins need two more components to reach 788 gear level. After hundreds upon hundreds of strongholds i am kinda burnt out a little. Not only is the drop rate of legendaries kinda low, the chance to get a component we don't have is even lower and it gets worse the more items we already have. Stagnation leads to frustration, frustration leads to /uninstall. I am not making drastic decisions yet because there is no other game that interests me right now and i think Anthem has great potential. I am willing to accept the current drop rate and duplicates if all newly found legendaries are guaranteed super drops. I am willing to replace all legendaries i have with these. That means all guns have +200% damage and either an additional armor or shield stat. The other items shouldn't have cheap stats on it as well.  Just remove all bad stats from legendaries. The rolls should be about the right stat combinations not quality. Someone needs a good gun with armor on it, another one needs the same weapon with shields on it, so they gotta wait on another drop, i am fine with that, but no more garbage lego drops please. As cool as it is to find a legendary the disappointment is almost guaranteed after finding out what it is, please do something.

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Re: The "not again" issue with duplicates

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Go to the Tarsis memorial in the fort, while you face the tomb turn left walk over to the wall, and pick up the info on the Monitor for your codex.  Now you are done.

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