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Re: The new matchmaking

by Alvanian

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The new matchmaking

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The new matchmaking is still bad as it used to. Now we have to wait three minutes for the team not to comeplete.


Perhaps if you did something that let the players want to come back!

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Re: The new matchmaking

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I don't know what's going on but I've not been able to play since the latest update. Stuck in matchmaking, severs full, asked to change difficulty setting but.....the server is full. It's unplayable! I've really been enjoying this game but now I can't play it. 

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Re: The new matchmaking

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Freeplay seems to work fine. Anything else is broken.

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Re: The new matchmaking

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It's a feature not a bug. People were not leaving the game fast enough, so they implemented a fix.

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Re: The new matchmaking

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It is sad really, I hoped to see a fix that could make things better with the matchmaking.


But there´s simply not enough players left to play with.


Whatever magic wand they intend to use to restore this game to atleast a fraction of its former glory, do it fast and do it right!!!!

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Re: The new matchmaking

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I hope they realize rhey are creating a compunding problem as people such as myself who play early mornings try for 30m to an hour and give up.


Then the next group comes in and has the same.


If they dont fix matchmaking soon people who play at noon are going to start having the problems we have in the mornings.

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Re: The new matchmaking

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I can't see the new matchmaking working well at all, and really hopes they have a hotfix for it asap, else they may bleed even more players. Disappointed

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Re: The new matchmaking

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To be honest it is much worse now then it was before.


I hope they will do something extraordinary soon, very soon.

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Re: The new matchmaking

I see it's been fixed.

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Re: The new matchmaking

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Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Its been "Changed"
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