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The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

by Uberkull

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The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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Who at Bioware actually plays their new content and thinks...’This is what the players want!’


Why would we do a Stronghold that has..


- this overhead of doing pointless puzzles and frustrating bs mechanics that PUG groups can just fail at cause most don’t want to be bothered with puzzles in a Stronghold

- tubes and water cylinders that are super awkward for a flight-heavy game. Why not open things up in a new Stronghold?

- a end boss that is...NOT NEW. This mob exists in the game! A Fury with more health.


The random groups I’ve been in care less about doing the puzzles and therefore you spend way too much time ...wasting time...not progressing through the Stronghold cause everyone is like ‘someone else will align the bs’


Much rather just go back to the old Strongholds, which is a problem. You are not bringing new content that is compelling or meaningful to our characters growth.



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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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Im going to have to agree with op on this one....


Sure it's a nice looking stronghold, and for playstyle a few new things to do i agree, it might be fun a few times, but.... with the loot being the loot in this game, wich is what actually keep most players still playing even if they are discontent i think that the playerbase will drop off pretty quick.


I mean why bother run it when its superlong, a hpbuff boss wich is way slow to kill and just generally way to much time spent compared to reward..


had there been some special reward unique to this stronghold i think players would keep running it for the long run, but alas there is none, so why bother, been there done that pretty much.


also, after this patch and livestream i think many wholehearted defenders of the game kinda gave up, the reddit forums are worse now than ever.


So yeah, even me with almost 800 hours is thinking of giving up.. i havent yet, but.. im kind of thinking about it, having to spend alot more time salvaging stuff i dont really want... 1-2 second per item for someone who plays alot like me quickly adds up to alot of wasted time.



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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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I did like it. It is different from the rest of strengths. That is new content, different things.
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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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I thought the different aspects make a nice change.


People like variety.

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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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the stronghold would be nice... people are not gonna play it because the rewarding system sucks Frown
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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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This is why I want solo strongholds. Hoping for the best is a let down, when most people can't stand in a circle even when the voice clearly tells them, "stand in the circle."

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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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For the most part the Sunken Stronghold is a good change of pace.  The reason people will just go back to GM1 RoH is because of the loot system and how broken it is.  I did Sunken on GM2 and wish I would have done it on GM1.  The melee hits from the last boss is ridiculous.  The HP is just as much the problem.  The mechanics are great, I love that part of the fight, but the damage output for a melee build is stupid.

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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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It was neat to play, I find HoR quicker and easier to try and farm legendaries.

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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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It's ok! I got a few legendary items my first run through. Just seemed a little disjointed, with a large amount of wasted space. On a scale of 1-10? 

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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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★★★ Guide

I personally like the new stronghold because of the puzzles because that is something not new as we have had it once before in a faction mission, but is different and makes people have to think and do something other than blow s**t up. It's different, which from my understanding is what people wanted. And from the people I've talked to thus far while playing the sunken cell they are enjoying it. The only reason that there's already the amount of dislike on it as there is floating around is the fact that negative voices always stand out more and more so because those who are enjoying it are playing it for the most part. Content that wasn't as stale and repetitive. And as for the furry, while true it is a fury, it's attacks, aren't the same, and no other furry spawns adds. I mean that's it's no different than the tyrant being a giant scorpion using a combination of stronger versions of the regular scorpions attacks, or the Scelos being a stronger luminary, or the whole Heart of Rage being the same thing as the end mission of the campaign. So get over yourself and stop whining about something that is new and as different as the rest of the game.


@Githildude you literally can see it coming, all melee swings he have a 1-2 second charge up which you can see especially the lightning on his arm before he swings, and when it comes to the teleport melee he literally stares you down for a sec and then you can see him warp in your direction, which takes another 1-2 seconds giving you plenty of time to get out of the way before he actually goes to hit you. If you're getting hit, it's because you're not trying to get out of the way.

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Re: The new Stronghold - Empty after a week

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Yea...ok. No one is going to run this Stronghold to grind gear. It’s too time consuming compared to the other Strongholds. And isn’t that the whole point now? Grind BIS gear? Why would I bother with a puzzle Stronghold with * mechanics.

And stop making up these ‘people you talk to’ liking the new SH. See where they are in a week. It won’t be grinding the rubix cube SH.
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