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The disgust from devs toward players is thick

by ragnarokfps

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Re: The disgust from devs toward players is thick

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@Spiritual-Zombie , as do the player base to feel disgust or not be happy with the state of things.

Long time supporters are now leaving the game also, it truly is bad.


The dev for No Man's Sky received way more brutalness from players even stating Sean should kill himself.

And in my opinion the game was fine when it first came out because people misinterpreted what the game was about i think.

Anyhow look how far the game has come, with Anthem it is very questionable at best when despite stating they listen to the public they have not exactly shown that 100%.


People can state the loot is fine as it is all they want but it is not. They need not be so stingy with loot at this point, they do not have much else going for the game.

Other games have far worst rng then Anthem but at least you progress, Anthem you do not.

And those that do not agree, that's fine but not everyone has all Legendaries, hell i only have one damn Legendary component and have been playing since early release.


As for the livestream being delayed and them being silent until a week later just to what, tell us the remainder of April content was delayed as was May?

That was not a very good move to make i think, they could have posted notes or anything else.


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Re: The disgust from devs toward players is thick


@TKMcClone wrote:

@cake404 wrote:

My guess is you’re probably fifty or over, and haven’t actually had to survive in the economy the younger generations have inherited from you. With each passing year, fewer and fewer people are able to just walk away from a job for their own sanity. I’ve done that when I was under 20. I may be able to do it now. But it gets harder when you get older and have things like bills, loan payments, and health insurance to worry about – for yourself and, in some cases, for your family.


But yea, got it, Bioware devs should just quit their jobs for their sanity. But their players shouldn’t quit driving them up the wall for the sanity of everyone involved. Because the customer is always right. Right?

It's more than that for many people because of the industry. If your job is a calling and part of your self-identity you'll sacrifice a lot more than someone working for just money. In creative fields some people are attracted to the work.

That is also true to some degree. At least until the developers become jaded and burned out after seeing “the fans” they’ve sacrificed so much for. My reply was to the comment that was focusing less on the game dev industry and more on calling out my own presumed inexperience in dealing with stressful workplaces in general. As I mentioned, that whole conversation was starting to veer kinda off-topic.

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Re: The disgust from devs toward players is thick

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I don't think there's any disgust/hostility towards the fans.


I do sense something in these streams, but if I were to try and place a finger on it, it's the embarrassment of having to try and talk in enthusiastic terms about something they know the community and reviewers largely think is a broken, irreparable mess.

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Re: The disgust from devs toward players is thick

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I can honestly say I really like this game a lot. But I also have major concerns when I see articles in gaming magazines that quote Bioware saying stuff like "such and such content is postpones indefinitely. I am also concerned about the lack of variety in loot. Sure you get new loot but it is 90% the same weapon different level and grade with a few minor stat differences. Just my opinion but I really would like to see a lot more variety in functional items rather then just skins.

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Re: The disgust from devs toward players is thick

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We value all forms of feedback whether it being positive or negative, it's what helps us make games even better post-launch. We all hope you're having fun and continue to contribute constructive feedback on the forums so we can relay it up to the development team to consider for future updates. 


It sounds like the game has not met your expectations and we'll do everything in our power to deliver. We are not quitting. Unfortunately, this discussion has went off the rails to discussing customer service philosophies, references of death threats to devs in other games, personal attacks and career advice, so I'll be shutting down this post.

We recommend posting in the future with more descriptive post titles which will help lead to more positive discussions and improve your chances of more replies because it will show up better in search results in the forums and web. 


Closing down discussion as it's gone off-topic. Thank you for playing Anthem.


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