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The difference between expectation and reality

by slightlyjaded

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The difference between expectation and reality

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We have to take a minute to consider who made the game, and what their experience is.


Although it is under the EA umbrella. this game from my understanding is pure bioware. right down to tanking mass effect to actually make it work.


Look at what bioware has been involved in, and what they have made work. Bioware is on par with obsidian with massively immersive story, and bethesda level worlds you want to run around in.... Never have they actually done a real world massively multiplayer experience that actually worked.(star wars is far better than any other ea game with this IP, but that's a very low bar to cross) They've been ripping off programmers from their own studio, where I feel they might have been better served by ripping off programmers from the battlefield dev team... (god knows that wasn't going to get any worse). Seriosuly though. bioware has minimal involvement with web programming for a MMO, let them stick to what they know, or consulting on * that any other studio would have done better.




Okay now that you've got past that...


This game has massive problems that are not going to be resolved before launch, and I do appreciate the honesty that EA showed calling it a demo instead of a beta. This game has already gone gold. There's sod all they can actually do to address issues before launch.


The rubber banding. this is something that would only show up with real world testing, that being said, if they had have consulted with even a single programmer on the battlefield team, this would have been resolved way before launch, much as I want to give the dev leads crap on that team, they fixed this issue years ago, this is the obvious point where bioware's inexperience in this genre really rips them a new one.


Mission design isn't really an issue. there's experienced teams that fumble this one. The demo was a slice, and I can't evaluate it based on that. I'm hoping the campaign is better, but the fact that various server issues meant  I got to play through the grand total of two missions between server issues and real world actually having to work for a living. This means I can't actually give a real estimation of how badly these issues are going to effect the game post launch. especially as EA actually does has the programming capacity to fix this game with a day one patch.

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Re: The difference between expectation and reality

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For the 1000th time, the demo build is 6-7 weeks old, this has been explained in so many threads, the game proper already has most of the bugs sorted but I have no doubt they will dot the i's and cross the t's after the demo but don't assume that the game proper suffers the same issues. 

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Re: The difference between expectation and reality

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And assumption makes a * out of you and me or the mother of all F*** up's take ya pick Wink

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Re: The difference between expectation and reality

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"if they had have consulted with even a single programmer on the battlefield team,"

This is funny as heck!! BF4 launched with SO many issues EA even admitted they messed up it was almost unplayable online. 

Call Of Duty a veteran if not GOD of multiplayer games has nothing but server issues non-stop for every title they release

So your comment this could of been avoided is laughable at best.


The game was playable had some issues and they fixed as they went, i was still able to play the game alot of hours almost 8+ i think and had a bunch of fun! Most people i know who truly truly wanted to play anthem were able to just had to work with anthem reload the game played the stronghold reload the next one etc. overall i think it will be a great game



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