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The consumable issue...

by SharkyH

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The consumable issue...

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I don't know about others but I would like to see some inticator on my hud about what counsumables are active because there is a bug when you start a stronghold and it  seems  they are not working at all and after finishing the instance I can see that they were not consumed.  I got used to my cds with consumables on and its getting really annoying to wait for a skill to reacharge just because my timings are off due to this bug running without my consumables .


If they would fix the bug than it seems it won't be necessary but still than I would like to see if my teammates using consumable and what type. Than at least we would have an little bit of idea about what specialization the other players use.


My other issues with consumables that some of the rare blueprints is missing I know bioware know about this and the fix comming somewhere in the future.


The thrid issue that using consumables should be streamlined a bit. It would be good if we could craft multiple consumable with single click and we could have a consumable loadout as we have gear lodaout and it could be saved to use as many times as we want unless we ran out of the materials.


(if we could activate and change consumables on the fly that would be also very nice but I think thats just too much to ask and it might be a bit hard to implement)

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