The brutal honesty of a week one player

by DK9027

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The brutal honesty of a week one player

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This is a partial rant as well as an observation of a player whose been around since week one release, of whom has been trying to be patient over years with all the problems this game does have. I was hoping to save this for the end of the event but I just can't. Also keep in mind of two things despite how the game currently is I'm still a fan of the lore and universe, and I am writing this with the most calm tone, open mind, and understanding of how things don't always go the right way in terms of running a game as well as the team of daidgame do try hard to make it an enjoyable experience.


So let's start with the prowler in the room, the evolution update. My goodness this was just so very unfortunate, nearly the entire time frame has made the entire game unplayable and unpleasant. I like many have tried to do everything to play just one round of br or arenas and it just kicks,  freezes and crashes. This has to be respawns greatest defeat in my opinion at their own hands at that. While the estimated time frame of this bug is nearly over there's still no guarantee that it will be fixed and with no word of any extension this has been just about pointless. I'm actually dreading the next update for fear of something just as bad, or worse happening. I had an arena game where I didn't get to fire a single shot cause i froze, and coming back it was nearly over.


Matchmaking, still very bad predators and masters in pub games about nine times out of ten. Low level players having to go against them. I can only imagine these new players thinking to themselves when going against those twenty bombs and 4k badges "man they said apex was fun." 


The servers, now I don't know what goes on or what needs to be done in terms of having and running servers, but what I so know is that any other game I play is always smoother than apex. 


Now looking at the LTM. Eh. It's just quicker access to fully upgraded weapons. It fine I guess since the Halloween one will be larger. 


The reconnect feature? It takes so long that in ninety percent of situations it might as well not be there. I could shrug say oh well and be in another game if it weren't there. But with it I'm checking my phone while waiting to get back in. I'm appreciative that they added it in an attempt to fix a problem but ya.


Turning to a less important subject, the lore.

Weren't we supposed to get some breath taking lore drops and missions akin to season five? I think it was like season eight that they said that. To paraphrase:


"Season ten and eleven are gunna be huge lore wise. We might see some quest like in season five."


Now I might be wrong, and it wasn't confirmed that we'd get missions in both or just one season. But in season ten there's not a comic at the very least that I can see. Aside from the teasers, trailers, and two voice mails in ramparts rig there's nothing.


Seer, I want to be more invested and like him more but I find myself forgetting about him sometimes. Part of that reason is that he's not going through something to help us connect with him. With no lore or comic there's no opportunity for that. Every other legend has faced trials, hardships, and experiences. Loba organized an entire quest to avenge her parents, rampart went through losing her lively hood and connects to other legends to rebuild, horizon learned she can find a way to see her dead son again. Fuse has to deal with fighting against and losing his childhood friend, we already have a connection to valkyrie from playing titanfall 2. Yes Seer had a rough childhood due to having different colored eyes coinciding with an urban legend (bit weird cause it's just a different iris color.) But we don't get to see it, we don't get to experience it. We see people avoiding him but that's it. And now he's relatively on top of the world with everybody loving him, we don't get to see his struggle to get there and we're not seeing an obstacle for him to overcome in his season. We haven't heard voice-mail of his mom whose losing her memory, we haven't seen him have to choose between his cultural beliefs and technology to keep his people safe. He hasn't had to sacrifice his identity to survive, or lose his brother and get stranded in the outlands. We haven't been able to connect with him hardly at all and without seeing something he's had to deal with or go along with him on a journey then we won't be able to and he'll just be there.


In closing, there's a lot to improve on.

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Betreff: The brutal honesty of a week one player

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@DK9027 You don't have to say anything more, well spoken. Period.
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Betreff: The brutal honesty of a week one player

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the fact that octane silent jumpad has been existing since season 7 and not once did the dev mention anything about it, the same with the absolute joke of the arena match making when you can get 2 teammate hardstuck silver 4 with mental handicapped against a full 3 stack predator is a clear proof how completely out of touch they are with their own game

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Re: The brutal honesty of a week one player


@DK9027  you've perfectly summarised  the reason I decided to play apex casually.


Hard to remain fully invested in a game where you're constantly awaiting for the next crap show to commence lol. Tongue out

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Re: The brutal honesty of a week one player

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All very well said.


Just brought up about the reconnect to my partner yesterday - showing her how long it takes - she's not even a gamer, and she got what a joke it is.


And I just jumped on to have a wuick game before she got home.. yea - 45 mins later, I managed to have one stuttery game, before giving up and shutting down. The servers, as usual, are in the toilet.

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Re: The brutal honesty of a week one player

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@SewerTierGamer Not to sidetrack, but we're not allowed to use the word "stutter" anymore when referencing the game's total piece of garbage servers. "Stutter" is an offensive term, especially when talking about absolute crap hardware. Now it's called "Server dysfluency."
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Re: The brutal honesty of a week one player

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So it does seem that we will get a quest (maybe two.) After seeing a shrugtal video today there will be a bloodhound quest "old ways new dawn." This will be followed by "flight of moths" I think it's called. Hopefully this will fix some things mentioned lore wise especially seer not having something to help us connect with the character.


I really wish that this was mentioned instead of us thinking nothing was gunna happen but at least it's happening.

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Re: The brutal honesty of a week one player

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@DK9027 I hate that they’re radio silent on the events in the game until the before the actual event. If you’re not updated on the data leaked stuff or just a casual apex player you would assume that there’s nothing left this season after the collection event.
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Re: The brutal honesty of a week one player

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@Cheese9Man I completely understand. Consider in comparison destiny and their seasons, just last week they announced a sort of reminder/update for an exotic quest for the weapon "Agers scepter" an awoken exotic trace rifle (which as an awoken warlock myself I love it.)

There's a weekly quest that gives tons of story and lore which is highly enjoyable and an end game reminder in the quest log. "Hey this weekly quest is available every Tuesday."

Now let's compare that to apex and their communication to the community about what's going on in terms of content: (radio static)
Uh respawn?
(Radio static)
Respawn I think you forgot to turn your mic on.

To give the respawn team credit when communicating fixing things in game and dealing with cheaters it is better. But still needs improvement. We still learned about the whole animated banner pose deactivation "fix" from youtubers before respawn made word of it.
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Re: The brutal honesty of a week one player

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