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Re: The battle pass let down

by koochi

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The battle pass let down

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Well, I am going to keep this short and simple and I would love to get my money back from investing in the Battle Pass. Yes, we all know the battle pass is lacking so much content and was really a joke to the community. This being said I played the game for hours on hours when it came out like most people and when the season dropped I was blown away and told all my friends that there is no way in investing in a company for a battle pass that throughout shows me what level I'm at like that will be one of my banners to brag about. I stopped playing the game due to being stale with no new updates when I was around level 50 in the pass if I owned it, this break was about a month or a little more. Well my friends really talked me back into playing again so I did, which was fun besides you can pick up a HAVOC in almost every building and any fight you go across everyone has, yes I understand it has a high drop rate because the last two items you get in Havoc skins so people need to see there grind. Long story short, I ended up getting the battle pass in hopes to maybe getting new skins for some of the legends I use which I never got. But then I was looking very forward to the Legendary drop at level 86 since my friends both got skins for wraith and octane. Well, my turn came for my first every legendary skin in the game since 20$ for skin in the story is well a joke and the biggest let down every. My first and only legendary skin was for a P2020... I'll let that sink in. Just say that was the biggest waste of money every for this battle pass and If I could give back everything I have gotten like an intro and other pointless things to get my money back I would do it right now. I rather buy 10 apex packs for that money in hopes of better luck. I'm sure that I am not the only one so if the Apex company even sees this, you can remove all the items from my account that I gotten from that pass and give me my 10$ back, in the long run, this makes me never want to spend a cent on this game for that pour RNG rate and has made me really not want to play the game anymore. Just a rate since grinding that long to get each level which takes over an hour each level in the pass is a joke. #Refund 

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Re: The battle pass let down

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So essentially you spent $10 for hours of gameplay but now want you're money back?

Right there is exactly what's wrong with the gaming community right these days. 

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Re: The battle pass let down

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 I honestly quit reading at "money back"



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Re: The battle pass let down

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Well said @Jimmahwd. It's not only the gaming community. It's society as a whole. It seems the more prosperous and technological we get, the more I see 'first world problem' text appearing or have those words in my head while hearing/reading something.

The funniest would be, you go to a casino. You bet your whole life savings on 1 number at the roulette table, you obviously lose. But you get pissed off because you thought you'd actually win something XD. To make it better, you go to the owner and ask for your money back because you feel that the thrill didn't live up to the hype you were expecting XD
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Re: The battle pass le down

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"I rather buy 10 apex packs for that money in hopes of better luck."


You got 1000 coins (10 apex packs) by the time you reach max BP level. lol


"My first and only legendary skin was for a P2020..."


I got R301 skin, blame your bad luck, not the BP


"#Refund "


It's not that you paid for sth you don't know. The content is there, the bonus is clearly there, it's transparent. You already knew before buying, why cry now?


I hope you didnt blame your friends ( the one that got Wraith and Octane skins) too.


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Re: The battle pass let down

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Read the news. You'll get free legendary R301 and wraith skins just for owning the battlepass. Don't forget to claim them on time. And if that's not enough to make your 10$ "investment" worthy, then what would satisfy you? A unique legendary skin made specifically for you? GL with that.

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