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Re: The anthem soundtrack on xbox

by oremus001

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The anthem soundtrack on xbox

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Hi guys so I own the legion of dawn edition of anthem on the xbox and as like all the other platforms it say you get the soundtrack for anthem. But my question is how to I get access to this on xbox? Any help will be much appreciated.. Thanks 

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Re: The anthem soundtrack on xbox

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from what I can tell      (also a Xbox One user and a owner of Legion of Dawn edition)      you haft to download EA access and link your Xbox profile to it and your good...   or ad-least it was suppose to be.  I cant get my soundtrack cause you haft to pay there subscription 4.99 or 24.99 to even access to the flippen app. I want the soundtrack, not there subscription...…….THIS is one of several reason I don't buy EA Games. because of stuff like this, this shouldn't even be a problem. My Xbox is not link to my EA access.  


   I got one question, do I need to PAY for the membership, to get to my PAYED content? 

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