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The amount of bugs today..

by Mehoyminoyyyyy

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The amount of bugs today..

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Is TOO DAMN HIGH! Seriously, I've experienced every bug known to man today! I was 1 kill away from winning a game and BOOM the repulsor tower cutscene pops up, RIGHT before I was going to blow him up with a mastiff. I've been spawned into data centers that give me like 3k ms, I've had like 5 crashes, threw hits on a wraith point blank sitting still and both of them didn't register TWICE! Also, foot step sounds are a mess.


Those aren't even the biggest bugs I've experienced today. My favorite one is when my friend got called a hacker because he was downed and was able to shoot three people down, saving me and the match. He thought this was a normal mechanic. The enemy team didn't even know what was going on, because he was in a bush shooting people down. It was hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

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Re: The amount of bugs today..

Community Manager

Sounds like you've had a real rough batch of experiences in the game lately, @Mehoyminoyyyyy 


Is it still crashing on you and what platform do you play on?

If there's anything specific you want the team to be aware of, our bug reporting forum is where we help collect reports and send them to the team.

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